5 cardinal rules to create your trading strategy 


People love to join the trading industry because it can offer them financial freedom. Everyone is working day and night just to secure financial freedom. Though we have many ways to earn money, trading has become a very popular business in United Kingdom. With a small investment, you can expect to make big profits. To secure profit, you must have a balanced trading strategy. Without having a proper trading strategy, it’s very hard to make consistent profit from this market.

Pro investors know how hard it is to develop a balanced trading system. Considering the complexities associated with the development of the trading strategy, we are going to give you 5 cardinal rules to follow. If you can do so, you can expect to develop your trading method.

Choose your preferred market

Before you start trading the real market, you need to choose your preferred market. Traders can trade commodities, currency pairs, bonds, stocks, etc. Based on your selection you must create your trading strategy. Unless you trade the currency pairs, you should always stick to long term trading strategy. Most of the time, it becomes hard for the investors to make a profit because they don’t develop their trading strategy based on their preferred market. So, learn about the market structure and create your preferred trading method based on the price movement of the asset.

Selection your preferred time frame

The selection of the time frame is crucial and you need to find a professional trading platform. This can be easily done by selected the best broker. Feel free to join here and start analyzing the data in the higher time frame by using a robust trading platform. Naïve traders are losing most of the traders because they prefer to trade a lower period frame. However, some of the skilled traders are making a decent profit by trading the lower period. To make your life better, you should trade the higher period. Higher signals are more accurate and allow you to earn more money. Never think you can use a shortcut to become a skilled trader. You need to go slow or else you might risk losing your capital. Unless you are skilled at trading, you should stick to a higher time frame.

The Japanese candlestick pattern

 You must learn to use the Japanese candlestick pattern or else it will be hard for you to make a consistent profit. New traders are losing most of the trades since they rely on the indicators. Indicators will help you to find the potential signals. But if you think it can show the perfect way to make a profit, you are making a big mistake. When you create your trading strategy, make sure you are not relying on the indicator readings. Focus on the candlestick pattern because it gives more accurate data to retail traders.

Define your risk exposure

You must define the risk exposure during the development of your trading system. Unless you work hard, it will be tough to make the right decision. Even after taking the right decision many traders fails to make a profit from this market since they don’t know the perfect way to execute the orders with managed risk. Think about the long term goals and reduce the risk to 1%. Once you start to develop your trading strategy by following the risk management factors, you can expect to make some money. But never think you can earn more money by taking more risks. Stay on the safe side to protect your trading capital.

Learn from the skilled trader

You can learn trading from skilled traders by spending a small amount of money. If you take a professional course, developing your trading strategy will become easier. You will know the important parameters that you must use in the system. But never try to use a skilled trader’s strategy because every trader is different in the Forex market. If you want to change your life, you must rely on your own trading system. Stop taking decisions based on other people’s opinions since it increases the risk to a great extent.