5 Common Ways to Gift Bitcoin to Your Loved Ones 


Finding a gift to give someone might be hard. Especially when you want to be original about it. A simple monetary gift can be presented in so many ways. You can give a cheque, a card, or even an enveloped wad of cash. Better still, you can gift Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-growing digital currencies in the world.

By giving someone Bitcoin as a gift, you will have invested in their lives and given them a chance to grow their cryptocurrency portfolio into something bigger and better. Gifting Bitcoin is a pretty straightforward process. You can do it via an exchange, wallets, or gift cards. Keep reading to find out how to gift Bitcoin.

Send it to a Wallet Address

If you have the recipient’s wallet address, you can directly transfer Bitcoin from an exchange or from your personal wallet to their wallet address. However, if you want to give them a surprise gift, you can create something called a paper wallet. A paper wallet is a wallet that you open simply to give to someone else. After buying crypto into the wallet, you write down the login details on paper and give them as a present to the person you want to gift.

Try Using a Hardware Wallet

A hardware wallet is a portable, physical, encrypted drive that is used to store cryptocurrency. The rise of cybercriminals and their constant attempts to hack into online wallets created the need for hardware wallets that can store large amounts of crypto and can easily be carried about. By gifting someone a hardware wallet with cryptocurrency, you would have presented them with a safer way to store their digital currency long term. Hardware wallets are encrypted so when gifting crypto with them, you need to include the decryption key that would be used to access the cryptocurrency.

Send Your Loved Ones Bitcoin Gift Cards

Bitcoin gift cards come in many different denominations. They can be sold online or redeemed on various websites. Bitcoin gift cards have codes that are written on them which are then used to convert them to their value in cash. Purchasing a gift card can be risky because if you use an unreliable provider, you could be sold a used gift card. So, when using this method, ensure you do proper research on the service provider.

Gift Bitcoins With Vouchers

A crypto voucher comes with a code that allows you to purchase or mine crypto easily. Crypto vouchers are usually easy to purchase and you can get one for as low as $10 to as high as $500 or more. Crypto vouchers can be redeemed to a wallet or sold for their cash value. They require valid identification to be retrieved. Crypto vouchers are pretty safe and easy to redeem.

Bicton Debit Card

Bitcoin can also be gifted through a card. By creating a wallet and getting a debit card if there are Bitcoin ATMs around, you can present the card as a gift to the person so they can make withdrawals.

In conclusion, Bitcoin can also be presented as a gift to a charitable organization or donated to people and platforms that help charitable causes. These are just a few of the most reliable ways to gift Bitcoin. Visit OSOM Finance for more information on gifting Bitcoin.