5 Private Money lending Companies in Singapore as far as 2021


2020 was a tough year for almost all. Which includes all kinds of privatised industries in Singapore. But as people were in more need of money, the private moneylender in Singapore earned ransom. Here are the ones who did a great deal as far as 2021. 

  1. Credit 21

Credit 21 is known for aiming to get you the money you need within a shortest frame of time possible. You can get this money from a simple application process and proof of identification. You can totally rely here to pay off your rent, medical bills, pay tuition fees and anything.

Credit 21 aligns our operations with the requirements of the moneylenders Act and rules. 

Therefore all their clients enjoy one of the best financial services provided in the City. They are an efficient private moneylender who have been authorised with the license from the government of Singapore. 

  1. Fast money

One of the finest licensed moneylenders in Singapore and they not only offer quick cash loans but also known for offering highly competitive interest rates. Their application process is hassle free. The team here are very professional and will make your loan approved process an easy one.

They are very reputed moneylenders in the city which offers a wide variety of loans to meet the customers demands. As a private moneylender their work lies upon giving equity to almost all people, coming from different income backgrounds.

  1. Lending Bee

Lending Bee is constantly pushing boundaries to provide customers with the best possible financial solutions. They offer fuss free loan applications, their work ethics are transparent, online systems are well updated to help you with anything you need.

This is a one stop destination for all financial problems as they firmly believe that everyone should have access to credit in times of needs.They have been working as a private money lender for over decades now, with a proper and verified accreditation. 

  1. Aero Credit

Aero Credit is Singapore’s one of the most reputed moneylenders. Founded in 2010, they are managed by professionals who insist on providing every customer the highest possible service they can receive.

Their services vary such as personal loans, business loans, instant payday loan, bridging loan, consolidation loan etc. No problem for dealing with the money between a borrower and government, instead it is a highly private moneylender in Singapore. 

  1. Golden Credit

It is one of the most famous money lending firms in Singapore. They believe that when struck with a crisis situation, they can offer a helping hand to people no matter what financial situation is.

Their prime focus is to provide you with cash in quick time too with minimal legal formalities. As a private moneylender they do maintain proper client transparency. Their transparency of service has led them to an unparalleled level of success.

The success rate of these companies rose to heights over the couple of years, as for the growing rates of startup companies in the last decade. Here, these private moneylenders give their hard and fast help to the businesses asking for immediate help.