5 Tips to Help You Save On Two Wheeler Insurance Premium


People who love riding bikes, might also love going out on long road-trips, adventures etc. with their friends, family, etc. Although you cannot be sure about your safety. Long trips might lead to inevitable road mishaps, and it is always wise to protect your vehicle with the best two-wheeler insurance. 

Or maybe, you have been longing to get a bike for yourself and finally managed to buy one. You would want to protect it from all uncertainties. No matter what your reason is, getting two-wheeler insurance is essential. With the increasing number of vehicles, the roads have become crowded than ever before. Riding bikes in lanes like these are risky as there are chances for your car to bump into anyone. 

Listed below are five ways you can save on your two wheeler insurance premium:

  • Selection of the right bike

For cheap deals in bike insurance, you must be simplistic about your choice and buy a vehicle that meets your needs. Bikes with a higher cubic capacity and greater Insured Declared Value require you to pay higher premium rates.

  • Figuring out what your insurance requirements are

Several factors such as location, bike model and occupation decide your premium. Therefore, the cheapest option available to you will not necessarily be the most affordable option for another individual.

  • Making a side-by-side Comparison

The cost, as well as coverage of the two-wheeler insurance plans,vary for every insurance company. Therefore, comparing insurance quotes and features is essential. After you’ve considered that, you can evaluate what suits you the best.

Another reason why comparing multiple bike insurance premium prices online is crucial because it helps you to understand the range of the current costs and discover a policy that satisfies your needs at affordable rates. You can use a two wheeler insurance premium calculator to determine the premium costs.

  • Adjsting your deductible

A deductible is a part of the monetary compensation borne by you on account of repairs during an insuranceclaim. It is categorized as voluntary and compulsory deductible. You have the freedom to choose your voluntary deductibles whereas the insurer fixes the compulsory ones. If you are not confident of your skills while riding a bike, then there are higher chances of accidents. In a case like this, you must not mind paying high premiums rather than spending a significant amount of voluntary deductible duringthe settlement of your insurance claim.

  • Selecting the necessary Add-ons

Multiple add-ons are offered to you by the insurance companies like zero depreciation, roadside assistance and others with your basic motor insurance. With the help of these riders, your scope of total coverage under the comprehensive plan is enhanced. You will have to pay a little extra for these add-on covers, and so you must only choose the ones that you require.

Never compromise on the insurance coverage in order to reduce your premium expense. Go for the policy that offers features beneficial to you and your bike. Keep in mind all the points mentioned above and save your money on comprehensive insurance for your bike.