70Trades Complete Review


Are you looking to start trading but have no idea what side of the fence to jump? Do you feel your broker is still helping you trade one-on-one while ignoring your online queries? If so, you may want to explore other options. 70Trades is some of the top choices available right now in the crypto market. You can trade cryptocurrency and other trading products on this platform without any fear. In this 70Trades review, you will be introduced to all its features.

70Trades is a secure and simple-to-use CFD trading system with extensive supporting tools to assist you in becoming a seasoned trader. 70Trades’ name is derived from the widely held notion that 70 is the minimum amount of trades required before you begin to feel quite comfortable knowing as a trader. One of its most significant advantages will undoubtedly make you happy. You are permitted to between five and fifteen first secure positions, based on the kind of trading accounts you have. This implies you are able to trade without being concerned about losing money until you become more satisfied with this trading platform. The best part is that if you excel with your first trading activities, you must retain the profits.

What Exactly Is 70Trades?

70Trades is a cutting-edge, user-friendly online brokerage platform with an attractive interface, numerous assistance mechanisms, and a broad selection of financial tools. It is appropriate not just for newbies but also for professionals, and the smartphone app allows you to keep trading anywhere, at any moment, with a single tap. Among the numerous benefits of opening an account for 70Trades are free schooling and committed support staff available 24/7. Consider the markets, receive live messages and notifications, and never miss out on promising business opportunities with 70Trades.

Potential Benefits of 70Trades

The trading platform used by 70Trades provides numerous features. Listed below are the key characteristics of 70Trades:

  • The 70Trades trading platform’s design provides customizable chart windows as well as various other customization specifications. These features enhance the entire trading experience with 70Trades.
  • It provides fixed spreads beginning at three basis points, allowing investors to comprehend what to anticipate.
  • Anyone who desires to put money first must create an account in order to create a diversified selection on a routine basis. Other important features include a least initial investment of $200 after the completion of the registration process.
  • 70Trades accepts various payment methods, including bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and e-transfers via ecoPayz, Skrill, and Neteller.
  • The simplest registration process requires only providing some basic personal information which is kept safe under the client information privacy act.

70Trades Offers Trading Courses

The 70Trades forum also includes expert advice for all those interested in learning about forex as well as how trading performs overall. There seem to be three types of recommendations for traders: newbie, intermediate, and professional. It’s unquestionably a plus for them because there are not many academic institutions for forex trading in the market.

The three dimensions cover everything from the fundamentals of the forex market for newbies to more complex ideas like fundamental indicators and asset management for average traders. The courses accessible on the 70Trades official site focus on risk planning, trading execution strategy, and detailed evaluation.

Account Options

Broker Type Market Maker
Minimum Deposit 200$
Spread 3.0 pips

Initial Deposit Requirement

The minimum initial payment in the 70Trades platform is $200, and that can go approximately to $4000; obviously, it depends on the trader. Remember that the minimum standards should only be utilized to evaluate the service of this trading forum. You should require sufficient capital for long-term trading on any platform.

70Trades offers several deposit options to make financing your trading account as simple as possible. For your ease, the withdrawal method has also been refined. You can find information about transferring and depositing funds from your trading account within that section below.

User Experience

70Trades is a browser-based platform that does not demand any download or installation. You can use research instruments like real-time quotes and graphs in addition to other types of research tools. And apart from having to manage their brokerage account, users can use the platform to make payments and withdrawals, and you’ll always keep up to date on market news and breaking business news.

The cellphone PROfit app is indeed the smartphone version, but still, it provides the same functionalities as the desktop version, just optimized for your gadget. It is obtainable for both Apple and Android phones and includes numerous useful features, such as an easy-to-use interface.

Research Tools

The 70Trades forum makes trading simple for individuals who have little to no investment experience. However, if you’re an expert, their system is effective and thrilling enough to meet your greatest advanced needs. Aside from all of the helpful tools, registering with 70Trades automatically grants you the advantage of free schooling. With 70Trades, you could rely on Live Data Center, Economic Calendar, RSS Newsfeed, but also, perhaps most importantly, the Autochartist, which also analyses a large amount of information and trading trends, which saves you effort and time.

Intuitive Design

70Trades establishes a high standard for itself by guiding you not only from your first stages as a digital investor but also throughout the way until you become a pro. This provides one-of-a-kind trading experiences via a next-generation, user-friendly, and intuitive forum with all of the financial records you should have at your fingertips throughout all times.

Data Security

Top online crypto services are provided by 70Trades brokerage. It is not possible unless the client’s information is secure and safe. To prevent users from hackers, this platform employs a firewall. You do not need to be worried about data stealing on this forum because the platform has designed the latest encryption technology to prevent cybercriminals and shield your sensitive data from unauthorized access.

Your security is a factor in putting your trust in this platform. 70Trades makes every effort possible to safeguard your information. All of your information can be securely stored on the internet and accessed from anywhere. Your data is completely secure. 70Trades’ protection shields you from hackers.

Account Financing

To perform your payment, then choose any of the online payment methods listed below.

Credit Cards or Direct Debit

The payments gateway of 70Trades receives credit card payments over the internet; it is simple to navigate and complies with all necessary security protocols (3Dsecure, Verified by VISA, and MasterCard Secure Code), as well as advanced and powerful fraud prevention standards. All main debit cards and credit cards are also accepted.

Moneybookers / Skrill

Skrill has changed the world of digital payment transactions in very little time since being the first e-money financial institution to acquire a digital money license from FSA. They have grown to become the world’s biggest digital cash companies, functioning among the biggest independent digital wallet platforms across the internet, through a combination of customer and business-focused approaches. You can use it as well to fund your account.


NETTELLER is an online wallet storage service, a publicly listed British international payment company. NETELLER is used in more than 180 countries. Millions of users worldwide have been using their NETELLER financing Account to make payments and be paid on hundreds of websites, as well as to transfer cash to individuals all over the world. It is also connected with 70Trades.


Transfer Technology relies on producing every one of its customers with a one-of-a-kind interface for operating and controlling individual rights to the property for possessions stored within specialized entities. Almost 10 percent of 70Trades users use this method to deposit funds.

Transfer of Wires

Users can always finance their accounts with this most conventional method. Cash deposits it is both protected and cost-effective. 70Trades multiple banks for your ease, and you may select the most appropriate financial institution for your deposit accounts.


Users can transfer cash whenever they want. Please keep in mind that it requires proof of identity prior to processing their application for your safety. Their money will be transferred to the bank accounts or card used to finance your brokerage account in compliance with fraud protection as well as anti-money laundering regulatory requirements. It depends on their payment option and the financial firm where their account is managed to hold; processing time ranges from 2 to 6 days.

Pricing for 70Trades

Owing to excessive volatility, the fee is 0.02% of the instant disclosure on CFDs (Stocks, Indices, Currencies, and Commodities) as well as 0.50% on the CFDs (Cryptocurrencies).

Spot purchases can be performed at the cost that the customer clicks during a normal international forex economic environment, in accordance with 70Trades’ no slowdown policy.

Clients can start receiving uniform buy) and sell prices to set spreads whenever the international forex economic conditions seem to be volatile. Spot purchases can be filled at the listed price by the trader.

Final Thoughts on 70Trades

70Trades is a complete package for traders with an easy registration process, minimum deposit limit, fool-proof security, and robust customer support. In addition, it charges only a fraction compared to the services it is providing. Keeping an eye on all the above-mentioned features, it is quite easy for me to recommend this broker. However, I suggest you visit the platform and see the features with your own eyes.