Baynoo Makes The Reporting And Gathering Public Information Online Easy


Businesses and individuals can now get an overview of partners, employees, and companies quickly with Baynoo’s online reporting system. 

Norway June 6, 2020

Baynoo, a Norway-based young and dynamic company, has come up with the reporting system that gathers the public information avaible online. The company is very first to bring this concept and makes its service available across the world. 

 “It is no more difficult to obtain detailed information about an individual or a company from online or public sources anymore. We bring forth the complete report system where individuals can generate private reports for themselves or about a company. Even companies can use this system to know about companies they want to partner with or about the candidate they are looking forward to hiring, ” says CEO of Baynoo. 

Baynoo is reliable and generates the reports quickly. Moreover, it saves time and money that otherwise need to spend on the background check of the company or employees. Furthermore, this software enables companies or individuals to identify the unwanted or damaging information circulating about them on public sources. Employers can find the right employees and vice-versa. Even businesses can search the right partner pofile.

Baynoo’s online report generation system complies with all the directives on privacy and company law. The company doesn’t share individuals or the company’s information with the third-party. The businesses can get the license under the same organization number and distribute it to their employees or multiple users to access the information about budding partners or candidates. 

All the industries, including financial institutions, human resources, marketing, and automobiles can use this system. Baynoo generates reports from online search engines and does not contain any spam, algorithms, or Ads. 

The users can register as a company or an individual to generate their online reports. 

About the Company

Baynoo is a Norwegian Limited Company that caters to all the corporate and other directive laws while generating online reports. It provides safe, reliable, and secured reports without any unauthorized access. For more details, please visit –