Benefits of Using Bike Insurance Calculator



Bike insurance is an important form of protection for you and your bike. It can help you take care of costs you could incur if your bike is damaged. Therefore, choosing an optimal bike insurance plan is a must. A bike insurance calculator is an important feature that helps you buy the right insurance policy for your two-wheeler. With this tool’s help, you can get a clear picture of the premium amount you will need to pay for the policy. You can visit the website of insurance companies and locate this calculator. By providing just a few basic details about your bike and the type of insurance plan you wish to get, the two-wheeler insurance calculator will help you get the correct insurance quote for you.

Below are some benefits of using a bike insurance calculator:


  • Choose the most suitable plan:


The purpose of using the calculator is to get the premium quotes for different plans. One of the best advantages of using a two wheeler insurance premium calculator is that you can get the best quote without relying on anyone else. Moreover, it will only take a few minutes for you to pick out a plan, well within your budget.


  • Select the correct add-ons: 


An add-on is additional coverage that you can get with the insurance policy. You can add different types of add-ons to the policy. When you use the bike insurance calculator, you can understand how different add-ons can affect your two-wheeler insurance premium. Hence, you have the option of selecting the perfect group of add-ons to the policy without it increasing your premium amount unexpectedly. 


  • Find the correct IDV:


You can decide the ideal insured declared value (IDV) for your two-wheeler with the calculator. An IDV is the highest amount that you will be paid by the insurance company when you file for a claim. IDV is essential as it is the amount you get from the insurance company in total loss claims. 


  • Agent not necessary:


An insurance agent is generally needed for helping you find the best bike insurance cost and policy that will benefit you. However, if you are buying online bike insurance in India, you will not need their assistance. When buying bike insurance online, you can compare different plans from various providers, depending on the coverage and premium amount you prefer. Apart from selecting the plan, you can also use an insurance calculator to figure out a plan that you can afford. 


  • Bias-free:


The calculator is a completely bias-free tool that provides precise results. It functions on an algorithm which helps individuals calculate the amount without errors that can be caused by agents. However, the solutions that the calculator provides will purely depend on the information you provide, and so, always provide the appropriate details. 

Steps for using a bike insurance calculator:


A bike insurance calculator is the easiest and quickest way for you to check your two-wheeler premium without relying on someone else. Using a bike insurance calculator is simple with these steps:

  • Start by entering your bike’s variant, model, make, the registration date and city where you ride it.
  • After this, you will be able to get the quote and select a plan of your choice: third party or comprehensive.
  • Now, fill in the rest of the details like your previous policy’s expiry date, the No Claim Bonus discount (if applicable) and the claim history.
  • After this step, you will be able to view the policy premium of your two-wheeler.
  • Next, you can include some add-ons to customise and enhance your plan.
  • You can now check your final premium amount and decide whether you should go ahead with this policy.

Details to be provided while using the two-wheeler insurance calculator:


  • If you want to get insurance premium quotes, you have to provide:


      • Status of previous policy (Active or Non-Active)
      • Your two-wheeler’s registered number 


  • If you do not possess the registration number, you will then have to provide:


    • Manufacturing company details
    • Model details
    • RTO of your locality 
    • Year of Registration 
    • Status of previous policy (Active/ Non-Active)

Once you have used the bike insurance calculator for determining the insurance premium, you can make an informed decision. It also makes the process of buying the policy simple. Since you are using the calculator online, you can learn about the different policies available and understand the type of coverage they offer. 

To sum it up

A bike insurance calculator can help you in selecting the best possible plan for you. It is a free-of-cost tool that websites of insurance companies, and also aggregator websites provide for customers to make a smart purchase. When you use the calculator, you can understand how different add-ons affect the policy, find the perfect IDV and eliminate the need for an agent. By providing a few details of the bike and your requirements, you can get information on the insurance premium quotes in no time.