BITANO – Guide to buying and selling Bitcoin on the Remitano exchange (updated 2020)

  1. Remitano’s account registration instructions

Step 1: Prepare registration documents and authentication

To be able to register and successfully authenticate a Remitano account, you need to prepare:

  • Your email address (the most commonly used address)
  • Identification photo (preferably two sides) – This is called a primary identification document
  • Photo (driver’s license or passport) – This is called the second identifying document
  • Vietcombank account (with internet banking function – not a visa card) to transfer money when buying Bitcoin or receiving money when selling Bitcoin

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Step 2: Sign up for a Remitano account

  • Next enter your email address and click “Continue”
  • Soon after, Remitano will notify you of sending an email with your registration link.
  • Now open your mail. Click on the button “Sign me in Remitano”
  • You will be immediately redirected to a page asking for your alias, entering your name or nickname (consecutive unsigned letters).

Step 3: How to authenticate Remitano account

On the login page of your Remitano account, you need to select “Settings.” Then in the “Authy Security,” you click “Activate.”

Then, you will be provided with a QR code and an authentication key.

For QR codes, you need to use your phone and download the Google Authenticator app (download on AppStore or Google Play).

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Google Authenticator app, you’ll need to use QR code scanning to scan the code above. From now on, every Google Authenticator app transaction will give you a sequence of 6 numbers to authenticate (every 30 seconds, these six numbers will change one time)

Once you’ve scanned the QR code with the Google Authenticator app, you will have an authentication code to enter in the box “Authy Authentication Code” (above image)

For the authentication key, you can record and save it somewhere in case you lose your phone later or accidentally delete the application, you can use it to recover. (Remember to keep this key confidential, do not let anyone know you)

Finally, press the button “Authy Security.”

  1. How to buy Bitcoin on Remitano?

To buy or sell Bitcoin, you need to go back to the menu “P2P transactions” and select the corresponding entry. Most transactions on Remitano are through Vietcombank online bank transfer.

Here at the “Buy Now” button:

Enter the number of Bitcoins in the box, the rate will be automatically converted to USD below.

Then, in the box right next to it, you should choose the first one (with the icon for fast sell and the VND price is always the lowest, so choose transaction via Vietcombank).

The next interface will notify you that you have 15 minutes to transfer money to the seller (after 15 minutes if you do not automatically transfer the money, the purchase order will be canceled).

Scroll down to see the transfer information.

After you successfully transfer money, it takes less than 1 minute for the transaction to be automatically marked complete as shown below, and you will receive the Bitcoin purchased on your Bitcoin wallet, and everything is completely automatic.

  1. Guide to selling Bitcoin on Remitano

To sell Bitcoin you follow these steps:

  • Find buyers from “Buyer List” and click “Sell”
  • Enter the amount of BTC you want to sell and click “Sell BTC” to open the transaction.

Note “Limit Amount” is the minimum and maximum limit that the buyer (ad creator) wants to trade. You can only trade within this limit. Payment method: Buyer’s bank transaction.

  • Enter your bank account information for buyers to pay and press “Continue”
  • If you already have BTC at Remitano Wallet, the transaction will automatically move to the waiting step for the buyer to pay.If you do not have BTC at Remitano wallet, please transfer BTC to the address provided in the transaction (This is the BTC address of the exchange used to guarantee the transaction.) Wait for the BTC system to confirm the amount of BTC you have transferred. After the BTC transfer order is confirmed, the transaction will go to the buyer’s pending payment.
  • Wait for the buyer to pay and complete the transaction.

Above is all the information that helps a new user create an account and initially trade Bitcoin on Remitano. Hopefully, this article can make you more ready and confident when entering the cryptocurrency market.

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