CSDEX: Taking Cryptocurrency Trading to a New Level


In November 2019, Cryptocurrency traders around the globe will wake up to another opportunity to trade their digital currencies without hassles.

The Community Stakes Decentralized Exchange (CSDEX) will be launched as a trading platform for individuals and corporate bodies that wish to go into Cryptocurrency trading.

The Ethereum blockchain is the foundation on which the decentralized exchange was built. This is to provide traders with a trading platform that guarantees them the safety of their investment, a welcome development in view of the several cases of challenges digital currency traders are facing in the industry.

CSDEX allows its users to trade their ERC20 tokens. They can also do the same for their inflated asset to enable them to earn income from it. The platform holds its earnings into its Smart Contract, a technology that assures a smooth and safe transaction. The earnings will be equally shared into CSDEX Asset Token, or CAT, an inflated asset token. At your convenience, you can withdraw the earnings by redeeming your holding CATs.

After redeeming your earnings, the exchange will burn or cancel the redeemed token. CSDEX takes this approach to ensure that its traders have access to easy transaction and fairness in their dealings with the exchange.

The trading platform will commence its pre-launch token sales in October 2019. This is an opportunity for you to purchase the token as soon as possible. This link is provided by the company for interested buyers: https://buycats.csdex.site/

If you act now, that is a golden opportunity to get the token at a great price.

Further information at: https://csdex.site