Earn money by trading through Siby varghese in the forex market


Forex market is an over-the-counter global market where banks, traders, investors, etc. trade in currency. The participants of the trade exchange one currency against another currency. Trading is conducted through computer networks like at Siby Varghese. The estimated daily turnover of forex market exceeds $5 trillion. The transaction in forex involves simultaneous buying and selling of two currencies. The two currency on which the trade is made is called currency pairs.

The first currency is called the base currency while the second one is referred as quote currency. Some many banks and institutions have earned huge profits by trading in foreign exchange market. The prices of the currency is quoted up till 4 decimal points because they have a very small spread difference. As the trading volume is so high the small differences can add a notable profit or loss.

Types of forex analysis

  • Technical analysis: Technical analysis depends on the past performance of the currency. The past performances and data help the investor to analyse the market keenly and make predictions about future price movement. The trader analysis the movement of the currencies over a period of time. This helps them to identify the patterns of price movement.
  • Fundamental analysis: Fundamental analysis depends on the present situation and factors that are affecting the country’s economy. Here, the trader analyses the financial, economic, quantitative and qualitative factors. Fundamental analysis relies on the inflation rate, GDP, interest rates of the economy. The major factor that is used in the analysis is interest rates as it helps to attract more investors.
  • Sentimental analysis: Sentimental analysis is also a type of Forex analysis that depends on the psychological thinking of the traders. Here, the traders usually invest in currencies that are most traded. It can even involve risk when the investors decide to sell their holdings at the same time.

How to apply forex market analysis?

  • Understand the driving force: A successful trader is one who has the ability to analyse the driving force of the market. You have to find the cause behind the movement of the currency price.
  • Time your trades: You must have experienced certain situations in your life that may have become the turning point of your life. Similarly, if you can find the exact time to place your trade you will taste success in forex trading.
  • Look out for consensus: The investor should apply different analysis to chart the movement of other instruments. This will give you an outlook whether the market is approaching any turning point.