Essential Tips for the US Exporters and Importers


If you are an exporter or an importer in the US, you need to essentially familiarize yourself with the US customs and Border Protection CBP procedures, policies, customs rules and regulations in order to avoid complications and problems with the clearance of your merchandise. As an exporter or importer, it is expected that you are aware of the entry requirements of your particular commodities which you intend to export or import by educating yourself through the website of CBP or through the assistance of any reliable and experienced customs brokerage such as Clearit USA customs consulting.

As far as import and export license or permit is concerned, the CBP actually does not require any such permits or license. On the other hand, other agencies or departments may require permits or license depending on the commodities you are importing or exporting. However, the CBP represents or acts on behalf of those agencies through an administrative capacity and if you wish you can directly contact with the agencies to further consult and fulfil their requirements. In addition to this, you may also require a license from your state or local administration to do international business or exporting and importing.

While filling the CBP entry from you will be asked to provide your importer number which is either your IRS registration number or in case you do not have IRS, or you do not do any business, you will have to provide your social security number. Alternatively, you can also fill the CBP form 5106 and present it at your CBP port of entry to the entry branch and eventually request a CBP assigned number.

If you are not sure about your port of entry of your commodity, you can check the CBP website where the details of various ports of entry is available. You need to contact the CBP and inform them about your commodities as well as in which port of entry your commodities will enter the United States well in advance.

You can also contact the CBP import specialist who is assigned for your commodity and get all the information you require particularly about the classification of your commodity. The import specialists are resourceful persons with expert knowledge on commodity classification, customs duties and tariffs and other commodity-specific requirements. In most ports of entry, the entry specialists handle all questions on entry filling. The entry specialists work hand in hand with import specialists and give all necessary technical assistance to the importers and exporters to file the papers or documents.