Ewallet Account Facilities You Can Avail Anytime



Through a ewallet service provider, you can transact and transfer money across the world in the flicker of a second. When you register with a ewallet service provider, you can access all the services, including the ewallet. Transfer and transaction through these digital platforms are quick, safe, and inexpensive as the fees and exchange rates are competitive. You can send money anywhere using this service and fund your account using various methods like; debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or using other ewallet services depending on your resident country.

Edges over others

Your Skrill account gives you a very competitive exchange rate and fee structure. Transaction performed through this platform is safe, secure, safe, and convenient. The existing customers provide excellent reviews about the service of the company. Moreover, you can avail of 0.3% cashback. To continuously provide you with outstanding service, then need some revenue; these are generated from fees. These fees are obligatory, and every customer needs to pay it. But if you register through exclusive elite vendors like Ewallet VIP, you can avail of certain promotional bonuses. When you register through them, you can get 0.3% cashback, also the requisite amount of deposit is lowered to Euro 5,000 from standard Euro 15,000.


The methods available for funding your ewallet account vary on the factor of the country of your residence. If you are a UK citizen and use bank transfer to fund your account, then the charge is nil otherwise 1%. If you transfer funds unto your ewallet account through; credit card deposit, rapid transfer, EPS, Nordea Solo, Boku, BTC, Paysafe, or through other ewallet services, then 1% standard fee is levied on the transaction. When you withdraw from your ewallet account using bank transfer, swift, visa, then Euro5.50 to 7.5% is standard fees, respectively. After comprehensive verification, you can apply for the prepaid MasterCard to the company. To apply for this card, log in to your account, navigate to the card section under My Account, and click Apply now. Though at present, this MasterCard is limited European economic area. The fee structure for withdrawing using MasterCard from an ATM depends on your VIP level.

VIP program

The VIP program present by the eWallet Software service provider gives you a chance to lower the fees you pay for various transactions. With this benefit, it provides other advantages also which include around the clock customer care and anti-deceit money-back guarantee. When you are a VIP member, you can open and operate a multi-currency account. As a VIP member, you can enjoy lower foreign exchange rates, lower fees for transactions, complementary prepaid MasterCard, personal account manager, priority bank uploads, and free bank withdrawals.

Conditions for the VIP program

Conditions for the VIP program is very clear-cut; you need to transfer a stipulated amount of money to your Skrill account. To enjoy the bonze VIP program, you need to deposit Euro 6000 and Euro 3000 when you register through a selected vendor, for Silver  VIP program Euro 15,000 and Euro 5,000 through EwalletVIP, for Gold VIP program Euro 45,000 and Euro 15,000 through EwalletVIP and for Diamond VIP program Euro 90,000 per quarter.