Explore The Right Steps for Increasing Wealth


There are people who think that money is not important and does not bring happiness. However, we need it for the most basic needs, such as eating, clothing or transportation. So that idea, no matter how good it sounds, is still romantic and idealistic. Money is undoubtedly important to achieve things in life. It is essential to meet our needs, present and future.

That is why the lack of money causes so many problems

It is undoubtedly one of the main sources of stress for people. The feeling of not having to finish the month, of not being able to pay for something that our children need or simply not being sure if we will be able to eat the next day is certainly terrible.

Money, on the other hand, is a scarce resource

So you have to learn to handle it well, to take care of it (protect ourselves) and to make it grow. Which also means assigning it according to and in line with our priorities in life: what is most important to us.

Now, what you have to understand is that it is never an end in itself. Never pursue money as the key to a fulfilling life. This would be a big mistake, because it can distract us from what we really enjoy.

Have you ever wondered how much you pay for things that are not worth it?

This certainly includes the interest generated by your credit card debt or payroll loans that you used to buy things you use every day that should come out of your salary. Have you ever wondered why you postpone a goal that you consider distant, such as retirement, for short-term needs? Because one day you will no longer be able to work and there will come a time when you will regret not having thought about it before. Also make use of the Evergreen Wealth Formula by James Scholes as it is the best one to handle your wealth increment options.

Most people sadly don’t

He prefers to go with the flow, with the crowd, thinking that the time (or money) that allows them to face these things later, in one way or another, will come, as if by magic.

The Essential Calculations

According to the report, the total accumulated personal wealth in the region was US $ 5.2 trillion and it is expected to continue growing, since the projection for five years (2023) is that this figure will be US $ 7.7 trillion if it remains at an increase rate of 8.2% each year.For 2017, the wealth registered in the region had been US $ 4.9 trillion, thanks to a sustained growth of 9.9% between 2013 when the indicator in the region was US $ 3.3 trillion and that year.