Guide Towards Availing Health Care Services Abroad


While travelling abroad or living in other countries, you have different types of risks including health hazards. With a bit of precaution and knowledge, you can prevent various small as well as serious health problems and protect yourself from serious consequences. You must be prepared and expect the unexpected. You must research and get the maximum details of the country or countries you are intending to travel or live. In addition to this, you should have all the necessary phone and other contacts of useful people and government departments of your own country for emergency assistance. Contact Insurance Unicorn for all travel health- related insurance assistance for your safe health abroad.

The safety standard, medical care and hygiene of other countries may differ often with a lower standard of your country. These difference on many occasions can seriously affect you and your health may suffer serious consequences. You may not also avail appropriate medical assistance while travelling or living abroad. Before setting out to the country of your destination, it is necessary that you collect all necessary information particularly of health situations of that country. After learning the possibilities of health hazards of the country of your destination, you must prepare accordingly to prevent or face the possibilities of those health hazards. The health, security and avoiding the probable injuries are your responsibilities and these should be dealt with effectively before, after and during the travel or stay in other countries.

You can get detail information about the travel health notices, various information about the diseases and condition of health in the country of your destination, and country-specific recommendation on health maintenance from the government website of your country. You health condition abroad, especially in relation to the sickness and injuries, depends on several factors including your age and sex, the status of immunizations, your present status of health and medical records, the country of your destination, period of stay,the type of accommodations, season and climate, local situations etc.

Based on the above factors, a licensed health care provider can assist you in vaccination against possible illness including hepatitis, typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis and meningococcal. You can also avail preventive medications for the illnesses that prevail in the country of your destination.

If you are from Canada, the government of Canada encourages people intending to go abroad to follow the 3 Rs of international travel. They are Read, Register, and Reach the government.