Here’s why importers in Canada prefer working with customs brokers!


If you deal in commercial importing, you already know that hiring a customs broker only adds to the costs. So, why do importers choose to associate with customs brokers? Importing goods, vehicles and consignments into Canada may seem like a simple process on paper, but it can take time, and even small mistakes in tariff application and paperwork, can be expensive and have consequences. Whether you need help with Clearit ITN number request, or want to know more on importing safety, a customs broker can be your trusted partner. In this post, we are discussing more on the benefits and scope of customs brokers.

Get customs consulting

Imports & exports are subject to numerous rules, regulations and compliance needs, and many companies and individual importers have little or no understanding of how to get started. That’s exactly where customs consulting can be useful. There is no law that requires an importer to hire a customs broker, but it is often the right thing to do, especially if you are starting a business. The customs broker can ensure that your shipment and overall importing business is compliant to everything needed.

Customs brokerage & ITN Number

Beyond customs consulting, you also need customs broker for getting your shipment cleared. No matter whether you are ordering goods via sea, land or air, customs brokers can take care of the process and ensure that clearance is obtained as quickly as possible. One of the other reasons why customs brokers matter is ITN Number. If you are importing goods into Canada from the US valued at $2,500, you will need an ITN/AES Number, which declare the value/number of exports to US Census Bureau. You can contact customs brokers for help with that.

How to find a reliable customs broker?

Just because a customs broker is expensive doesn’t mean they are the best in business, neither should you look for the cheapest service around. When it comes to importing and commercial business in this niche, importers prefer to work with customs brokers, who are experienced, have expertise, and are accessible. Check reviews of the selected customs broker, find what kind of assistance they can provide, and always discuss your requirements in detail before getting them on board.

Keep in mind that your work with a customs broker should be about long-term relationship, especially if you deal in imports & exports on a regular basis or are engaged in businesses dependent on customs.