How to Buy Pink Diamonds?


Diamonds are one of the most expensive materials on the planet and to a certain extent they are quite rare as well. Among all diamonds, pink diamonds are said to be the rarest and currently the most popular type of Diamonds as well. These diamonds are exceptionally beautiful and due to their price, it’s becomes quite overwhelming. Pink diamonds are quite expensive and it is expected that after 2020, their price will get even higher. So, whenever one tries to buy them, they should be very vigilant. Here are few steps that you can follow to purchase them.

Tips to Buy Pink Diamonds:

Here are a few tips that you can follow and these will ensure that you are not purchasing a fake pink diamond.


These diamonds are scares and it is being said that they are the second’s rarest diamond in the world. According to report, out of millions of diamonds mined every year only, 0.001% are of top grades and Pink Diamonds are just about a fraction of these diamonds. Well, that would give you a pretty good idea about how rare they are!


As we mentioned at the beginning that, Pink Diamonds are very rare and their prices are sky high and it has been estimated that they are priced at around $100,000 carat! So, if someone is claiming that they are selling pink diamonds at prices lower than the originals then they are probably trying to scam you of your money. So, steer clear of such people as nothing good is going to come of that as you will only end up losing at lot of money.


Most people think that pink diamonds are just pink in colour and these people are so wrong. The name must be pink but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be any other hues of these diamonds. Well, there are various hues of these diamonds such as purplish, brown, orange, grey and there are a few mixtures among these colours as well. The most common among them is the purplish pink and the rarest would be the fancy deep purplish pink diamonds.


The scarcity and the expensiveness of pink diamonds will give you are good idea about their value and it would be a good idea to invest in them. A .50 carat pink diamonds might cost you around $50,000 and whereas a 2-carat pink diamond will cost you around $500,000. Well, the price goes up as the colour intensity goes up and thus their value increases as well and to own them finance matters quite a lot too.  So, it can be easily said that people with good finance can or would be able to afford the deeper hue of pink diamonds.

So, these are the tips that you can follow if you are planning to invest in pink diamonds. And we hope that the information here was helpful enough for you.  Just be sure to follow these and that would be all.