How to File a Third-Party Bike Insurance Claim?


Government statistics report one death from a road accident every four minutes and two-wheeler accidents make up for 95% of the total fatalities on Indian roads. Hence, in the case of an unfortunate road disaster, having a two-wheeler motor insurance policy would come in handy.

Since data show the chances of two-wheeler accidents to be higher, the importance of having motor insurance is evident. However, it can only be beneficial if you follow the claim procedure correctly as even a single mistake could lead to rejection. Hence, you need tobe cautious whilefiling a claim for your two-wheeler insurance.

Below is a ready reckoner to understand the claim filing procedure for third-party coverage on a two-wheeler.

Requirements for filing a third-party bike insurance claim

You can file a claim for your two wheeler insurance third party policy if your vehicle collides with another andcauses damage to life and/or property. This would help you tackle any liabilities that might arise from the accident.

  • The first step would be to inform the insurance company immediately. Most insurance providers have a certain timewindow to report the incident. However, do not wait that long and instead call them immediately after the accident.
  • Photographs of the damage caused to the third-party’s life and/or property as well as your person and your vehicle can further support your claim. This isoutstanding evidence whichcontains all the vivid details and comes in handy.
  • Furnish all the required documentation to the insurance company as soon as requested.
  • Failing to reveal the truth can result in bike insurance claim rejection and policy invalidation. Donot hide anything from the insurance provider nor try to fabricate any of the details.Be honest on your part as being deceptive might work against you.

Apart from the above, you should avoid committing the following mistakes after an accident.

  • Never fleeandavoid moving your damaged vehicle. Instead, check if the other party requires medical assistance and call the appropriate emergency services first.
  • Donot ride a two-wheeler without a valid driving license.
  • Do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while riding as this would certainly lead to claim rejection.

Among a few more things to keep in mind in the case of an accident would be to avoid entering a settlement with the third-party in the absence of the police as it is not legally advisable. Also, avoid getting aggressive and control the situation with calm and poise.

Avoid any mistakes that might lead to claim rejection. Looking at the complexity of the case, the insurer might take longer to settle a claim if it takestime to ensure its validity. So be patient.Remember, you could always avail legal counsel to ensure that the insurer’s offer is in everyone’s best interests. Conclusively, if you follow the insurance claim filing process compliantly, your chances of an approved claim are significantly higher.