Joining a Trade Show? 4 Important Things You Should Not Forget



Whether you are running a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer company, you understand that directly getting in touch with your clients is among the best ways to sell your business. This is why many companies participate in trade shows. Trade shows are not only an avenue to sell your products and services. They are also an ideal place to build new connections. Who knows, you may find a business partner for your next venture or you may see possible suppliers. In your head, joining the trade show is quite easy. But you have to know that a lot of preparation and hard work goes into it. If you do not look into these matters, you will look lousy in the day of the event.

Maybe it is your first time to join such an event, or you may be joining for the second or third time. Regardless, here are some of the things that should be present in your list:

Secure your spot

As trade shows are well attended events, many businesses are on the lookout for spots that will offer them great returns. This is why you will need to book your spot in advance, preferably a year or six months before the event. That way, you will be able to pick which spot will be beneficial for your business. Also, when you already know where your spot is, it will be much easier for you to dress up your booth.

Dress up your booth

One of your main objectives here is to attract new clients, partners, and curious people that you can turn into leads. As such, you have to make sure that your booth is attractive and appealing. Design it according to your brand guidelines, but do not be afraid to add some twist to it, so that it will stand out. If you think that this aspect is quite challenging, you can always work with a reliable visual merchandiser or interior designer.

Find staff

You may already have your own staff members for the event, but it does not hurt to get additional members for your team. You can hire some events specialist or people who can roam around and invite customers to your booth. Two to three additional members should be enough.

Don’t forget your giveaways

A lasting impression is something that you will want to leave to your possible customers and partners. This is where you should consider giving away useful items, such as branded pens and shirts. To do just that, you have to find a reliable merchandising company that can design and produce all those materials.

Joining a trade show will provide your business with a great opportunity to market your company to your customers. But know that this event also allows you to build your network of suppliers and partners. To increase your chances of gaining new leads and connections, you have to work on making your business appealing and credible. This is where preparations and planning will come in. Be sure that you pick the right suppliers, too.