Landmark Financial Seoul Review


Technology has made it possible to simplify a lot of financial processes like loans, and even investments. All kinds of investment opportunities are accessible to both beginners and experts since it’s essential to make sure that your money keeps growing.

These days, there are options for investments and information available in public. You can choose from cryptocurrency, stocks, bonds, and even foreign exchange. If you are interested in investing but is very busy to handle your investment transactions, you may want to hire a company with portfolio management services.

Landmark Financial is one of those companies that offer Portfolio Management Services. In this way, you won’t be needing to go through the hard way of building your investment portfolio. Landmark Financial Seoul review a lot of customers on their portfolio management services.

The Importance of Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers are the people responsible for creating and managing investments for private clients. They operate on the day-to-day investment portfolio of their clients. Portfolio managers help clients that don’t have the technical expertise or knowledge. Landmark Financial Seoul review their client’s portfolio thoroughly.

Landmark Financial Services

Landmark Financial is a financial service company that provides personal and professional service to private clients. The Seoul-based company offers a variety of services that a customer could pick. They have three variations with different fees, where the clients can choose what they think is more suitable for them. Opening an investment account with them is free.

Here are the different investment plans available:

Plan A- This plan has no contract period, withdrawal fee and performance fee. It only has a 2% management fee per year, 0.25% commission per transaction, and $5,000 minimum investment amount. This kind of plan is good for someone who’s just trying out the services, and don’t want to be locked into a fixed one-year contract yet.

Plan B- This plan has a one year contract period without management fee. However, this has a performance fee of 18% of the absolute profit and a withdrawal fee of 2% that’s net of that asset value and subtracted by the performance fees. This also has a 0.25% commission per trade,and $5,000 cash minimum of investment. This kind of plan is suitable for someone who’s planning to generate a lot of profit on the account.

Plan C- This plan also has a one year contract period with only 1% per year management fee. Just like Plan B, this also has a 0.25% commission per transaction, $5,000 cash minimum of investment and a withdrawal fee of 2% that’s net of that asset value and subtracted by the performance fees. However, its performance fee is 10% of the absolute profit.

Final Thoughts

An investment is an excellent opportunity to grow your money, which is why you need to choose a reliable finance firm. Landmark Financial has been in the business for years, and they have received nothing but great feedback from their clients. You can search the Landmark Financial Seoul Review for other clients reviews on the company.