Maningi Mines – A Real Innovation in Crypto Mining


Maningi Mines is coming up with something remarkable and exciting, it is the very first digital currency that is directly tied to a real-life business, which in this case are commodities. With regard to the commodities, their focus will be on gold, diamond, copper, coal, manganese, and anthracite. Some of the mines are going to be based in South Africa and that is a big deal as the minerals and other precious metals in the country alone are valued at $2.5 trillion.

With its ICO, the goal is to assist in activating the mines and once this is done, it will achieve two principal goals. The first is that the investors who will snap up the coins on offer are going to reap a lot of gains but the second goal is even more important. There will be tremendous job opportunities that will be freed up for the host communities. With more economic opportunities full for the erstwhile suffering locals, they will be able to provide better housing and higher standards of living for themselves.

In other words, for every investor who participates in the Maningi Mines ICO, there is a new opportunity opened up for every local community in which the mines will be located in different parts of Africa. This is truly innovative in the world of mining, corporate social responsibility, and commodities trading. The best part of the initiative is that it will help in not just promoting cryptocurrency ventures but will also assist in addressing some of the most endemic economic problems on the planet.

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