The grand elevation in modernization really did a great advancement in the citizens of the Generation Z or the people of the 21st century. With the power of the Internet that can connect those people who live far away from each other and the potency of the invented technologies that individuals are able to utilize, life can easily be luxurious, but still abundant in activity, gaining money and even knowledge.

In spite of the fact that, although there is an earthly calamity or a contagious pandemic, people in this era has the capability to survive with food and phones in their hands. Even when they are only inside the safety measures of their humble abode. Since with the presence of the Internet and a technology, an individual is still competent enough to work and earn bunch of dollars. This scenario is called as work-from-home or home-based.

One of the great illustrations of this occurrence, are those people who are under the obligation of complying with the MiFID phone recording and WhatsApp call recording. In the middle of the incident caused by the COVID-19 today, also known as the Corona Virus Disease 2019, even though the government has established an enhanced community quarantine, there are several financial sectors are still able to oblige with the European lawsuit. This is the reward that we get from these technological progressions.

However, with the overwhelming tasks being made in a business operation of a corporation and with the new environment in their home that these entrepreneurs and future ones are facing, there has been an on-going issue that multiple of firms are filed as non-compliance.

In line with this, the MiFID II themselves have adjusted and amended their lawsuit for those companies that are under their prescribed order. This alteration in their regulation is sufficient enough for these firms to really comply.

To learn more about this newest 2020 updates in the Market in Financial Instruments Directive’s ordinance, read the TeleMessage’s infographic that was created and designed just for you below: