Mindful Exercises Become Mentally Fit And Professionally Successful


Almost every morning I go to the field with my dogs. After about half a kilometre, there is a tree at the point where the dirt roads intersect. In front of it a bank. This morning, I suddenly stood in front of tree and bench and asked myself: “How did I get here?” I had not noticed how I had come this way. My fault is my inner autopilot, which always plans the next steps while I do as it pleases it.

Hard to Answer

When was the last time you deliberately acted? Like when choosing a Facebook ads optimize service (รับโฆษณาเฟสบุ๊ค which is the term in Thai). Be it to deliberately smear the butter on the bread, to put one foot in front of the other while running, or to lift the coffee cup, to bring it to the mouth and then to set it down again. Long ago? Then it’s time to do mindfulness exercises and push the off switch of your inner autopilot to start living consciously in the here and now.

Us freelancers don’t need to lose their heads – after all, our business stands or falls with our abilities and attitude towards our work. As pathetic as it sounds, we must learn to be mindful again, to consciously perceive things and to engage with ourselves. There are many keys to success. Mindfulness is one of them and I’ll show you now how to find the castle!

What Mindfulness Is And Why We Lose Sight Of It

My self-built mindfulness definition sounds complicated at first: Mindfulness is a special form of attention that, in contrast to concentration, does not mean focusing exclusively on a particular subject, but the overall perception of what is happening in and around you.

Huh? I thought so too first. It is quite simple. Mindfulness refers to your body, your mind and all your sensations and feelings. Because we are constantly doing several things at the same time, are always online and available, running from one to the other and still want to do everything well, one thing is missing: slowing down. And that’s exactly what we need to be careful about.

Mindfulness Is Important – For You And Your Business

Mindfulness, unlike concentration, is not about focusing your attention attentively on just one task, but about consciously expanding your entire perceptual horizon. Mindfulness is closely related to your consciousness. When you are aware of certain things, your body, your actions, thoughts and sensations, you are on a sphere of experience that allows you to experience yourself and your environment fully.

Many people have lost this ability and the autopilot has taken the helm. But we can re-learn and train mindfulness – good news, right? Those who learn to be mindful do not only do themselves, their body and mind, favour, but also their fellow human beings, especially when offering Interior design and decoration (ออกแบบและตกแต่งภายใน which is the term in Thai) service.