Payment platforms that offer discounts on your electricity bill payment


Digital platforms have become very common over the past decade. A lot of sectors are becoming more and more digitized. Banking is probably one such example. Recharging your mobile or DTH connections or paying bills is also being done online. Such an infrastructure is invaluable when it is not possible to be physically present for an activity. Paper documents are becoming increasingly unnecessary. However, to indulge customers to diverge from their ways and move towards digital platforms, a lot of payment platforms are offering great discounts and offers on electricity bill payment.

  1. Airtel Payments Bank – The Airtel Payments Bank became the first company in India to receive the payments bank license from the Reserve Bank of India. Since it acts much like a bank, you would need to perform KYC (Know Your Customer) verification by offering your PAN number according to an RBI mandate. This will certainly offer you many facilities. The Airtel Payments Bank website allows you a lot of services from the comfort of your cushion – prepaid and postpaid mobile payments, DTH or FASTag recharge, broadband payments, sending or adding money, and most importantly, electricity bill payment. Every service has a different offer suitable for customers. Even some electric companies, like Green Mountain Energy, have made it easy to pay your electricity bill online using their website.
  2. Google Pay – Google Pay often initiates some very exciting ways to motivate customers. In addition to getting random prizes, customers can get collectables which can be turned into a reward when all the collectables are submitted. There are cashback offers as well  on the platform but most of these are in the form of random prizes. These offers were very frequent when the app first came into existence. In addition to paying electricity bills, you can perform peer-to-peer transactions through Virtual Payment Addresses or mobile or DTH recharge.
  3. Paytm – Paytm is probably the most popular platform and the first to come into existence. The app introduced digital wallets which could be used to recharge, pay to vendors or transfer money. The app became very useful during demonetisation when cash was hard to come by. You can book flights, train or bus tickets, recharge various services or perform electricity bill payment. Paytm has also introduced payments through UPI (Unified Payment Interface) like Google Pay. You can even do online shopping through the platform.
  4. PhonePe – PhonePe is another app which works through UPI. It is very benevolent while giving discounts, cashback and offers. With almost every transaction, you will be able to get some reward or offer. The app also has a nice interface and is easy to use. Much like Paytm, it is also quite popular among the vendors.
  5. Amazon Pay – Amazon has certainly introduced a lot of services. The UPI payment interface was also introduced last year. Several offers were available with other apps. Also, transferring money through UPI was guaranteed to offer some cashback in return. The platform offers good rewards and cashback throughout the year.

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These are the best payment platforms to get good discounts on your electricity bill payments.