Profitable Small Business Ideas In Indonesia


Indonesia plays a significant role in the global business sector and is the world’s leading producer and exporter of crude palm oil. With that, many foreign investors consider Indonesia as a potential venue for investment. Essentially, there’s a lot of business options in Indonesia. So, before you think about how to register a company in Indonesia, scouting for profitable business ideas can change the game. Check out the following suggested profitable small business ideas worth investing in Indonesia.

Food  Carts

Opening a restaurant is often a major hassle. A food cart is more straightforward and less expensive. It is affordable, easy to operate, and gives customers a lot of interest. Offering a type of authentic dish that is not widely available in Indonesia will improve the business. Maintaining high great food and quality services is the main point to consider in this kind of business. By doing so, customers will keep on coming back, and the company will prosper.

Business Advisers

There is a range of small business ideas in Indonesia, and many more opening up very soon. Many investors may have business ideas or may have the capital to start a business but may lack knowledge of starting a business.

Launching a business consultancy firm offering Indonesia incorporation, for instance,  allows you to provide these entrepreneurs with your business expertise and lead them to success. This type of business is feasible only if you have prior business experience and knowledge of the Indonesian market better than these new business owners.


If you are good at accounting and have a bookkeeping background, you can have a wide range of clients by starting up a bookkeeping company.  Every year, there’s an increasing number of new companies, and they will need bookkeepers’ services. They may not have enough finances to employ a full-time accountant, so they may need a freelance bookkeeper to provide services.

This is where you come in, along with your services. Flexible working hours and comfortable clients list to please ensure that income keeps rolling in without much trouble.

Internet Access Provider

Indonesia has the largest social media users in the entire Eastern Asia region. This shows rising demand for the use of the internet in various parts of the nation. It will be advantageous and profitable to invest in this type of business.

 Furniture Factory  

Many individuals and business organizations consider the furniture industry in Indonesia because it has earned an excellent reputation worldwide. You can start your furniture factory, which would later allow you to export furniture and other similar products to different countries.

Final Thoughts

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We have been providing both local and foreign businesses with technical and business services. Check our website to learn how we can help you get started with your business plans and successfully achieve your business objectives.