Pros and cons of buying car insurance online


If you own or lease a car, buying car insurance is quite essential. Even in many states, you cannot drive without car insurance. Irrespective of the fact that car insurance is optional, it is quite a foolish act if you are on the road without it.

Like all other products, you are capable of buying car insurance in several ways. For your general purchase, you can have the option to go for either an online or offline option. Similarly, you can choose to buy car insurance online.

So, we have come up with some pros and cons of buying car insurance online. Hence, whether if you should go for online purchases or not, at the end of this article, you might get the answer you are looking for.


You can do it any time

Buying car insurance online allows you so much ease that you can buy it whatever the time and day it is. So if you are a person who is into a job, you will not find it hindering your working hours. It will not act as a burden to you.

Numerous ways of buying

You can research and buy insurance in more than one way. Either you can go for an online insurance company or look for a platform that offers you the insurance plans. In fact, with the help of such platforms, you can compare and buy the best one.

You can skip the agent

With online insurance, you will be getting transparency between you and the insurer company like HL Assurance. So, you do not have to communicate with an agent. Moreover, you will have to pay an additional cost to agents for compensating them. It might cost you some more additional charges regarding the brick and mortar operations.

Getting your documents is easier

In case if you purchasing car insurance online, you can take a print of your documents very quickly. It is quite helpful in some of the scenarios. For instance, if you have bought a car at the weekend, and showing the proof to the dealer is important, it proves to be quite handy.

Getting several quotes

If you have shopped at brick and mortar insurance agencies, there is a need for sending the information to them in an individual manner. Many of the online companies provide you with several offers with a single application. This is quite helpful in saving your time. This is because a lot of personal information can be provided the quote has been produced.

Saving a lot of your money

With online purchases, you are free from the overhead costs. While the brick and mortar agencies do have such additional costs. As you are buying the insurance from the insurer directly, you do not have to pay for the commission. It provides you with an opportunity to save a significant amount of money.


Providing a lot of personal information

As we compare it to an offline car insurance purchase, you have to provide a lot of personal information. For this, you might find it risky. However, choosing a company with a reputation and a better privacy policy can ensure a safe sharing of personal information. So, you do not have to worry a lot if you are applying through a company with a reputation. While you can find other companies with free quotes, but, you might not get satisfied with the security protocols.

Hurdle in finding a human

While providing your information in insurance portals, you can expect the response in the form of an mail. Sometimes, it feels quite frustrating as you won’t be able to talk to human beings while your process for the insurance is in progress. It is capable of creating problems if you have got some issues. Even in the case of getting in touch with a customer service representative, you won’t be able to describe your issues at any time. It is because every time you have a conversation, you will find a different representative to talk to.

Explaining your circumstances can be difficult

Not every policy has a straightforward nature. Hence, in that case, buying car insurance online might not be the most suitable option. Hence, if you have some circumstances, you might not be happy with online purchases. In this case, talking to an agent can help.

As you have found many benefits of buying car insurance online, there are some limitations if it too. Deciding whether to go for online insurance or not is quite dependent upon your needs.