The emergence of FBS has recently been a good indicator for Asian traders because of its benefits. It is blatantly obvious that traders always expect to trade with the best forex broker. However, they do not know where to begin, and they are easily attracted by bad forex brokers. Therefore, with the aim of helping traders become more knowledgeable about this forex broker, I will provide you some essential details in this FBS reviews.

  1. Is FBS a trusted forex broker?

In fact, regulations can be the best measure for evaluating whether a broker is reliable or not. It’s because regulations are provided by trustworthy financial bodies, which forces brokers to follow a set of rules in order to ensure the safety of traders. When it comes to FBS, this broker is regulated by CySEC and IFSC which are considered to be the most reliable regulations in forex market. If you are Asian traders, FBS is the best option for you because this broker has CySEC regulation. It is highly recommended that traders should not trade with brokers who have many regulations because of restrictions. Working with a broker, who has one trusted regulation, is far more vital.

  1. What do we know about trading costs of FBS?
  • Spread of FBS: spread can be seen as one of the most important aspects when it comes to a forex broker. Traders always want to trade with a broker who offers low spreads. FBS offers the spread of 0.2 to 1.1 pip, which is really low.
  • Commission of FBS: brokers normally charge traders spread as the main income. However, some brokers charge commission. FBS charges their customers different commission rates depending on types of accounts.
  • Bonuses of FBS: brokers usually offer traders bonuses as they want to appeal to more customers. FBS also offers their customers different types of bonuses, such as welcome bonus, deposit bonus, and other types of bonuses. The bonus rate will be up to 100$. If you become a new member of FBS now, you will have a chance to get 50$ in your account thanks to their current bonus program.
  1. Types of accounts of FBS

In reality, FBS offers their clients 4 types of accounts, which are Cent account, Standard account, Fixed Spread account, and ECN account.

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  • Cent account: If you are a new trader, this account is for you. It’s because it requires you to deposit only 1$. Unquestionably, no one wants to invest a big amount of money in their business when they first enter the market.
  • Standard account: when it comes to this account, you need to deposit at least 100$. The spread of this is 0.5 pip, which is pretty low. The leverage is up to 1:3000. This account does not charge any commission.
  • Fixed spread account: this account offers no spread. It charges traders 20$ for the commission. The minimum deposit is 500$, which is pretty high for beginners.
  • ECN account: When it comes to this account, it requires traders to deposit 1000$ as the minimum deposit, while it charges only 6$ for the commission.
  1. How does FBS support customers?

It would be better for traders to work with a broker, who offers great customer services, especially new forex traders. FBS now supports their clients in English through live chat 24/7, which is really amazing. If you cannot speak English, they also offer some other languages like Egypt, Thailand, Korea, China….

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