Smooth payments are a growing problem in today’s society.


Smooth payments are a growing problem in today’s society. In our everyday life as well as in the business world, it can be difficult to process transactions on time, cheaply and securely. Our banks are reliable, that’s right. However, we have got used to a certain waiting time. At the weekend, for example, in most banks no transactions are confirmed. This sometimes results in a waiting time of up to 3-4 working days.

Now an Malta financial service provider should solve the problems of the so-called old economy. Rumors say that a fresh company is now opening an institution that shortens the waiting time for transactions and also increases security.

Insiders say that the financial system is now to be revolutionized and that, thanks to the stability of an internal infrastructure based on the latest technologies, a revolutionary system can come onto the market. The Austrian Benjamin Herzog is said to be CEO of the new transaction service provider, which is known for its presence in various international companies.

With inside information, we can assume that a new financial infrastructure will soon be available, which will process transactions internally and in real time. Members of this infrastructure can securely and above all send money to one another quickly and without waiting and can also exchange money in various currencies.

We are excited to see in which direction this service will develop. At the same time, we are certain that such an innovation, which will be available worldwide and in almost every country, will revolutionize international payments.