Steps To Prevent Your Car From Being Damaged


Buying a car is one of your biggest investments. Protecting it from various factors like excess and constant heat, rain, flood, and water logging is a must. Follow these steps to keep it intact and damage-free.

  • The easiest form of protection is to park the car in shade. By avoiding direct sunlight, you can protect the dash from drying and cracking.
  • To equalize the air pressure and lower the interior temperature, you can keep the windows open by just a crack.
  • To keep your car cool, use a windshield sun protector.
  • Installing seat covers not only protect the seats from wear and tear but also help keep the car cool.
  • Wash and dry the car regularly. It helps remove the dust and dirt particles which make the paint and finish fade away.
  • Keep a check on the tire pressure. Follow the manufacturer recommended pressure, especially during the heat.
  • Protect the engine from overheating. Use a proper cooling system to keep it in a good working condition.
  • Keeping the fluid levels in check can prevent the car from overheating.
  • Regular usage and overheating can cause wear and tear of the battery. It can also lead to the battery not functioning properly. It is advisable to get the battery checked frequently.
  • Avoid driving the car during floods or heavy rains. There can be severe damage caused to the engine if water gets into the engine air intake system.
  • If it is unavoidable to drive through flooded waters, try to drive on the highest section of the road and keep a cautious speed that is enough to avoid engine stalling. Select a lower gear while maintaining constant acceleration.
  • Keep the AC off while driving through stagnant water. \
  • Avoid central locking in such a scenario, as there are chances that they may not open in case of an emergency like a short circuit.
  • If the water level has increased to the level of passenger compartment, do not turn the ignition on as this may cause damage to the engine and vehicle.
  • If you have to leave the car in a flooded area, disconnect the battery to prevent causing its damage.

Apart from these cautionary steps, you also need a suitable car insuarnce policy that gives your vehicle an all-round protection. Here are some of the best add-ons you can select from for the protection of your car in the monsoon season.

  1. Engine Protection Cover: The Engine Protection Cover helps in covering the damages which a regular motor policy does not cover. It covers the consequential damage to the internal parts of the Engine & Gear Box of the insured vehicle, which is caused due to water ingression or leakage of lubricating oil.
  2. Hydrostatic Lock Cover: This cover pays for losses arising out of repair or replacements of the engine parts due to hydrostatic lock and ingression of water in the engine.
  3. Roadside Assistance: This cover helps by towing the vehicle to the nearest garage and provides repair needed due to any major breakdown of the vehicle.

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