The Doctors and the Retirement Plans for You Now


The Doctor’s Special Retirement generates many doubts among professionals, and not knowing how it works can cause enormous damage to medical professionals.It is scary to know that if the Doctor can lose almost 1 million dollars just for not knowing his rights.

Thinking about these professionals we will deal with the main rights of the Special Retirement of Doctors, including with the reform, and provide very valuable tips for you to receive everything you are entitled to. You can go for the best retirement plans for doctors now.

The benefits of special retirement

Special Retirement brings great benefits to doctors. With it is possible to retire with only 25 years of work without the application of the social security factor, the great villain of pensions.

However, the Pension Reform came to harm you more. If you have not yet met the special activity time requirement (25 years) before Retirement or are going to start contributing after it, in addition to that time, you will need a minimum age of 60 to get this benefit.

It’s complicated

But if you completed 25 years of special activity before retirement, you can calm down. You have an acquired right and will be able to retire smoothly, without needing the minimum age.It is also worth mentioning that this retirement needs special attention. 

The good news is that it is possible to change this decision, and get both rights: to be able to continue working and receive the special Retirement.

And for those who are already retired?

If you are already retired it is possible to ask for a retirement review. Just gather the correct documentation and ask the agent to consider all your rights.

This review can double the amount of retirement.

What documents will We need

  • In order to obtain your Special Retirement, it is necessary to prove the habitual and permanent contact with agents harmful to health. Any profession can be entitled to Special Retirement.
  • What makes the case of Doctors unique is that these professionals are almost always exposed to sick people in their daily lives. In some medical areas contact with chemical agents harmful to health is also common.
  • (This is the same case for nurses, radiologists and dentists, who normally have this contact.)

So, to achieve the Special Retirement, it is necessary to prove (for the INSS) the time worked in contact with the unhealthy agents.But the Doctor has a great advantage.


Until April 28, 1995, the legislation assumed that the work of a doctor was unhealthy. So, for working time before 1995, it is enough to prove that you really were a doctor. This can be proved through the company’s work card, payslips and employee registration.After 1995 the Law changed, and it is a little more complicated to prove the Doctor’s special activity. For that, some documents are needed. See what you will need.