Top 5 Companies providing Fast Cash in Singapore


If a person needs to get some immediate financial help, then there are plenty of providers for fast cash Singapore based loans. These are not companies who have been venturing into the money lending business suddenly, but have been here for years now. They have developed schemes and measures for people, who are interested in borrowing from reliable sources. 

  • HSBC


This company has been relied upon internationally. They have played a role in helping the needy in requirements of both personal expenses as well as business plans. The company provides fast cash Singapore based plans, for educational purposes as well as for better financial planning. 

The HSBC installment plan basically enlightens upon the fact that their credit cards have the limit of 90% upon the actual credit limit. Which basically means that every individual would be allowed to use their cards responsibly upto the highest extent, if they have promised to pay back in regular intervals as installments. 

  1. Standard Chartered

They basically are known for being in the field for instant responses. If you abide by their loan criteria, such as a person with a good credit score profile, salaried individual, history of loan repayment on or before time, or have been in the financial market with a trustworthy goodwill. Then they shall approve your loan amount within some point of time. 

And, if you haven’t taken out a loan before that, then they shall explain in detail. But, if you have a poor fash cash Singapore based track record, then they would never approve your request. In either case, you would be getting to know about it within minutes of your request. 


Not just loan facilities but also health insurance benefits. DBS/POSB is a reliable bank source for immediate personal loan. Fast cash Singapore based loans actually have their own preoccupied credteria. But the benefits put forward by this bank are extremely beneficial for new users. 

  1. Credit 21

Even if you are not having a good and trustworthy credit profile, they shall provide you with a secured Loan. Though you need to qualify and understand a thousand more things before your loan gets approved by them. 

Firstly, they are pretty direct about their process of money payment. If your credit profile is good, then you will earn a loan without seconds. But if not, then you have to qualify for the rest of the factors. Firstly you have to have a salaried account, then you need to show at least three months of record of repayment and salary.

  1. OCBC

Like, the above banks and service places, this is nothing different in terms of giving away personal loans. They have an accredited licence by the Government of Singapore, which makes it a potential lender. 

As for Fast cash Singapore is concerned, they certainly do abside by all the Government protocols. The schemes are based on the borrowers monthly income as well as their capability to pay back, with the necessary level of interests. These companies do regulate the rates according to the principal amount, and the repayment tenure of every individual. So, there is a “zero” percentile of risk, in borrowing from the above measures!