Trading with Warren Bowie and Smith- Guide


Warren Bowie and Smith is a rapidly emerging online brokerage platform that has earned a good name in just one year. I am a regular user of this platform and with the help of its support team and other top-notch features, I have earned more than what I used to earn before. Recently I came to know through social media platforms that some people want to trade with this platform but they are hesitating because of certain question popping up in their minds. Knowing this, I have decided to write this Warren Bowie and Smith guide review to help those traders who wish to become a part of Warren Bowie and Smith fraternity.

Before formally starting the review, I want to tell you that online trading is lucrative but risky as well. It requires courage, patience, money and a good broker to succeed in this career. If you have the first three than I am sure this guide will provide you the last missing puzzle as well.


Warren Bowie and Smith is a project of Securecap Securities, a regulated and renowned company based in Cyprus and Mauritius. The broker started providing its services in the first quarter of 2021 and since then it has satisfied more than 1k clients with its reliable service and unique features. So far, it has never compromised on the security of its clients. The trading platform of this broker (PROfit) is a marvelous software and considered the backbone of this broker. If you are interested to start trading using this platform than keep reading this article.

Register Yourself

Warren Bowie and Smith only allows its registered clients to trade using this platform because it implements KYC policy strictly so you need to register yourself through a short process. To get yourself registered with Warren Bowie and Smith platform, you need to open the platform and click on ‘Join Now’ button which is on top of the home screen. The registration form of the broker would appear in front of you with only five fields for information and two boxes that need to be marked. The following information is required to fill out the form.

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Phone number with country code
  • Country name for identification
  • Email address to receive verification code
  • Password for security purpose

After adding the above mentioned information, traders are required to tick two boxes.

Tick and add verification code.

Tick to agree with the terms and conditions of the broker.

Top-up Your Warren Bowie and Smith Account

Congratulations, now you are a part of the broker but you cannot make any trades because you don’t have any funds in your account. Warren Bowie and Smith provides a wallet to keep your Fiat as well as crypto balance. You can recharge your account by using different payment methods. As the broker’s aim is to facilitate the traders as much as possible that is why it accepts transfers through banks directly, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), and online payment apps (Skrill, Paysafecard, Safetypay and PayRetailers). Keep in mind that the initial deposit limit set by this broker is 200 USD so your first deposit must be at least 200 dollars.

What Can Be Traded Using Warren Bowie and Smith?

So now you are a registered trader of Warren Bowie and Smith and have funds in your trading account as well which means you are good to start trading. At that point, traders have to decide in which assets they should invest their money and for how long. There are many markets like stocks and forex in which a trader may be interested but some brokers put restrictions on traders and only allow them to trade those assets on which the broker can get more commission. But this is certainly not the case with this broker as Warren Bowie and Smith charges no commissions.

With Warren Bowie and Smith, traders can invest in Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies and CFDs. If a trader is confounded, he can discuss this matter with the dedicated account manager provided to him by the broker and he will guide which asset is best under the given circumstances.

Benefits of Using PROfit Platform

The trading platform of Warren Bowie and Smith is user-friendly. It has certain characteristics which make is loveable for new as well as experienced traders. One of those characteristics is its compatibility. The platform is supported by every type of devices such as windows, android, and iOS mainly because it is a web platform. There is absolutely no need to download anything.

The Warren Bowie and Smith platform has many built-in trading tools as well which provide ease of access. These tools reduce the work load of traders and bring their attention towards factors which he may otherwise miss. Some of the prominent trading tools of this platform are:

  • Economic calendar
  • Price calculator
  • Trading signals
  • News alerts
  • Graphical representation of data
  • Auto chartist tools
  • SMS and email service
  • One click trading

Freedom of Withdrawal

The previous data of Warren Bowie and Smith shows that more than 80 percent of its clients were successful in earning profit. The profits of trading are meaningful only if a trader is able to conveniently withdraw them and use them to make his dreams come true. This broker has set no restrictions on withdrawals and the clients can withdraw their profits at any time. The broker charges no withdrawal fee and usually the withdrawal requests are approved on the same day. For withdrawing money, the same options can be used that are available for depositing money.

Customers’ Support

Although I am sure you will feel no need to avail this feature but I want to inform you that Warren Bowie and Smith has a robust customer support service. There is a team of representatives which comprises of software engineers, experienced traders and brokers who remain at the service of clients 24/7. They handle complaints as well as welcome feedback of traders which is used to further improve the services. To contact the broker, go to drop down menu and click on ‘contact us’ option. The following mediums can be used to communicate with the support team.

  • Contact us form
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Whatsapp number
  • Other social media (FaceBook, Youtube).

Trading Conditions

Warren Bowie and Smith has done the right thing by implementing strict security measures and lenient trading conditions. The trading conditions at this brokerage platform are favorable for clients. The broker has set no time limits so the traders can trade whenever they want. The trading hours of trading markets are needed to be followed though because the brokers have no control over them.

Secondly, it charges less than 1% rollover fee in case of overnight exposure which also very good point keeping in view that the spreads are already very tight. Inactivity fee is charged only after three months of no activity are completed which is a long time. The broker provides leverage as well to increase the buying capacity of the traders. Lastly, if the balance of a trader reaches zero than his trades are stopped automatically by the platform so that the balance doesn’t go in negative.

Warren Bowie and Smith: Security Protocols

Warren Bowie and Smith is a broker which has adopted strict security measures and makes every clients follow them. There are four security layers implemented one over the other to ensure fool proof security. These layers include security policies, firewalls, encryption, and segregated accounts. Let me give you a brief description of these before closing the guide.

Security Policies: Security policies are the rules which a broker implements on its clients to maintain order on the platform. In this regard, Warren Bowie and Smith uses KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti money Laundering) policies.

Firewalls: A firewall is software similar like antiviruses which stops forceful entry attempts by hackers. Warren Bowie and Smith has a super active firewall which is used by financial institutions.

Encryption: An encryption software converts all the useful information into coded language to ensure maximum security. Warren Bowie and Smith uses 256 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption which is the most advanced encryption technique till now.

Segregated Accounts: Segregated accounts are separate accounts which are never used for internal payments. The broker uses its own funds for meeting the company expenses and the traders funds are never used for any other purpose.

Final Remarks

I have tried to give you every minute detail about Warren Bowie and Smith which is a transparent and reliable broker. There is still possibility that I may have left some points but if you feel any confusion, you can use the live chat option of the platform to find the answers of your questions. In the end I would recommend you to trade using this broker only because of the PROfit platform and the security measures. The final decision is yours to make and wish you best of luck for your trading career.