Types of Vehicle Insurance Plans in India


Purchasing a motorcycle or a car automatically means more drives or trips with friends or family. However, driving on Indian streets can attract trouble at times. Therefore, to protect yourself from any financial losses caused due to an accident, purchasing a commercial car insurance san francisco ca is the best option. Also, it is mandatory to at least have a third-party liability cover for your automobileas per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Types of vehicle insurance in India

There are three types of motor insurance plans in India:

  1. Two-wheeler/bike Insurance
  2. Car insurance
  3. Commercial vehicle insurance
  1. Two-wheeler insurance

It cannot be denied that most road accidents involvemotorcycles. Hence, you must ensurethat your bike is protected from natural as well as man-made calamities. So take safety measures and purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy for your new bike.

You can either choose the mandated third-partyliability cover that offers coverage for any legal liabilities arising from an accidentwith a third-party. Your insurer offers coverage to the third-party in the case of injury, death, and/or property damage under this basic plan.

On the other hand, comprehensive trucking insurance dallas tx policy not only provides the benefits of the third-party plan but also provides you coverage against accidental damage, damage caused due to man-made or natural disasters, or theft. You can also choose add-ons to protect the vehicle from depreciation, accidental engine damage, etc., at an extra cost.

  1. Car insurance

An accident can just as easily happen with a car as it can with a bike. In such cases, a car insurance policy will provide you with financial security instead of you having to pay for the damages yourself.

Here too you can choose between a third-party liability cover and a comprehensive car insurance policy.

  1. Commercial vehicle insurance

Similar to car and two-wheeler insurance, insurers provide financial coverage to commercial vehicles ferrying people and/or goods, such as trucks, buses, tempos, etc.,under a valid business. Hence, this places an enormous responsibility on the driver as well as the owner of the vehicle (business).

A commercial vehicle insurance planthus provides coverage to goods and passengers travelling in the vehicle.

Althoughbuying insurance is compulsory, you should buy it with the aim of protecting yourself. To find a plan that suits you best, you can comparevehicle insurance policies online. You can visit the website of motor insurance providers to explore and evaluate various plans and customize them to address your requirements. You can also use a motor insurance premium calculator to know which insurance company offers you the best deal. Make it a ritual to review the fine print of your desired plan to understand what the benefits itcomes with and what are the exclusions so you can file successful claims when you require your policy the most. Above all, always drive responsibly.