What Bailiff Advice Do I Need To Get To Help Protect Me


We all live in a tumultuous financial world where things are irregular and many are not truly aware of how things operate or what they should do when faced with certain challenges. I was in a similar shoe until I decided to find out the truth and get a sincere Bailiff advice that I could lay my hands on.

While in search of this, I was able to figure out the difference between a bailiff and debt collector and also their legal rights. For me, this revelation was I needed an eyeopener, as I always thought they were the same.

From my research, I was able to find out that bailiff is the main enforcing agent with the right to recover debts while debt collectors just live on the opportunity and my ignorance of not knowing my rights or what they should and shouldn’t do.

The main debt recovery that bailiff do take part in are child maintenance, parking fines, unpaid council taxes, County Court judgments, and many more. They also have the legal right to visit me at home, but not the right to take things from my home and sell them in the repayment of my debt.

Does a Bailiff have the right to visit my home without my consent?

This was something I wasn’t aware of either before I set out to get a piece of sincere debt collector advice, but now I do. Legally, they have the right to. But before such can happen, they have to get a signed court order from the County Court,  the High Court, or the magistrates’ court.

However, the court signing this document depends on the type of debt I owe.  The only debt that doesn’t require the signature of the court before home-visit is  HM Revenue & Customs.

What are the legal rights of bailiffs’?

This is a straight forward legal right and it was quite simple for me to understand. I got to realize that bailiffs have to send me notice of enforcement before visiting me at home. And before they can visit me, it has to be 7 days after I got the notice of enforcement. This number of days excludes weekends and holidays.

The biggest part of it all is that they can’t enter my home unless I permit them to. This legal right puts the power in my hands and I get to control their access to my home. Although these rights can be overruled if it’s their second visit or if they have a court order which specifies that they can do that.

Anyone could fall a victim of debts, thus it is best to have a good knowledge of how bailiff operate, their legal rights and limitations. The only way knows this is to get a piece of sincere Bailiff advice like I just shared.

This was my own experience, yours could be different, but getting a piece of advice gives you a projection of what to expect if such is to happen in the future.