What factors affect your loan eligibility? 


It is necessary to understand the factors that help loan eligibility. Small and large businesses over the years have put up a lot of financial pressure. Thus, it is extremely necessary for them to have strong means to ensure that the business functions properly. If businesses save money, they will be able to maintain capital flow effectively. However, earning and making money through business will take a lot of time.

It is necessary for businesses to have a proper plan for their funds. This eventually helps you to ensure and check a number of factors. Different types of loans are available from your lenders. It is necessary that you get your business loan application approved. If you do not follow the eligibility criteria properly, it will eventually lead to your loan application being rejected.

Some of the main factors that may have an impact on your loan eligibility criteria include

• Age

Your age is the first thing that the business lender will check before approving the loan for you. If you are less than 25 and older than 60 years of age, there are high chances that your loan will be approved. Therefore, it can as well be said that age is an important factor to consider for business loans.

• Business plan

Before you apply for the loan, you need to ensure that you provide a proper written and pragmatic business plan. This helps the lenders to get an idea about your business. The business plan should consider some of the important things such as

How much funding does your business need?

How will you be investing the funds?

How will you be repaying the borrowed money?

• Documents

The business loan eligibility will consider a lot of things. You will need to ensure that you have all the documents for effective benefits. To ensure the business credit, you need to provide documents for the proprietorship verification form. It will be then taken to the governmental authorities. If all the required criteria’s are satisfied, the business loan will be approved in no time.

• Credit History

The Accord Financial asset based lending ensures to check the credit history briefly. The credit history will eventually check your credibility band repaid the borrowed amount. It is necessary that you check all your loan history before applying for one. Your CIBIL score is surely one of the best ways to check for it. If the CIBIL score is less than 700, you won’t be approved for the loan.