What To Look For In Quality Deposition Summaries?


The importance of deposition in any trial can’t be stressed enough. However, summarizing the deposition details is far more significant. But, unfortunately, many underestimate it.

Organizing the details and making it into a well-detailed deposition summary is a very difficult task. Actually, one must have extensive experience within the litigation spectrum, to do the job efficiently.

Here, it’s better that you take the help of a professional company. But, do your due diligence and figure which deposition summary companies are the best out there, for seamless experience. Anyhow, to give you a better idea, here are the few important things to look for:

What makes a quality Deposition Summary?

A deposition summary plays a key role in the whole litigation process, whether it’s trial, discovery, or motion practice. The following things must be ensured while preparing an effective summary:

  • A quality deposition summary must include all the important details from the original deposition transcript. Any key information missed could prove to be a costly mistake.
  • The summary could be written either in the outline format or a narrative one. However, it mainly depends on the type of litigation.
  • Along with the written summary, if there are any key points, that could be better represented other than written format, one can use charts or graphs.
  • The tone and general theme of the deposition summary is very important. It must be clear and concise, synchronizing well with the case.
  • A deposition summary mustn’t take too much space with unnecessary details. However, it’s also important to include all the key information, that could be pivotal in the trial. Many experts say that, on average, if the witness testimony took up five pages, all such information must be summarized into one page.
  • The format of the summary plays a huge role, as it must be easy to read and comprehend. And ideal deposition summary is structured with page and line numbers on the left column, with summary on the other side. A table of context is useful too.
  • Finally, a high-quality summary is one which is proofread and edited, without any room for errors. It all depends on which deposition summary companies you’re working with. Not every firm does a good job.

The above-mentioned are some of the things you need to keep in mind, while preparing, reviewing, or submitting a deposition summary. To save money and effort, try outsourcing this job to the experts.