What You Should Do If Your Website Is Slow or Inactive


Do you have any problems with your website’s operation? Is it taking longer than necessary to complete its tasks? There might be several reasons why your website isn’t doing as well as it should, but what are the most essential components that your website may require? A variety of conditions may boost your performance, from the necessity to increase your keyword usage to the fact that all of your site’s visitors inexplicably departed all at once.

The following is a summary of the most common issues that may be causing your website to perform poorly or load slowly. Any one of them may be the culprit. Bear Fox Marketing can assist you in repairing your website by assessing it and establishing strategies to improve it using its audit tools.

Keyword Positions Have Dropped

If the positions of the keywords you’ve chosen to focus on begin to diminish and alter, you’ll have a lot of trouble. Finding a solution to an issue that arises when the keyword density of your content begins to decline might be time-consuming. The great majority of the time, the problem is caused by incorrect or poor keyword usage.

Your rankings for the keywords you’re looking for will suffer if you misspell a phrase. Although SEO marketing might be challenging, if you want to regain lost keyword rankings, you will need the help of an enterprise SEO company like Bear Fox Marketing.

The Number of Organic Hits Has Decreased

A large decrease in organic traffic is a severe issue that might be attributed to a lack of marketing enthusiasm and understanding. This might be because organic traffic is completely free. Businesses that rely largely on organic traffic may require assistance as a result of this issue. Assume you need additional qualified and experienced marketing specialists. In such circumstances, your website traffic would suffer since fewer people will read your material and buy the things you sell.

If your marketing crew is well-trained and knows your goals, the number of visits will increase. As a result of the most recent turn of events, life will be difficult for everyone engaged in the present scenario. If you’ve been working hard to enhance your marketing but are still looking for the desired results, it’s time to consider partnering with Bear Fox Marketing.

Nighttime Traffic Rise

The unexpected decline in website traffic might be due to a variety of factors, but bad public relations and a suspected security breach should be at the top of your list. Regardless of how your website and marketing department are designed, you should always be prepared to examine and adopt a solution if internet traffic declines drastically.

If you can’t come up with a solution, you’ll have to accept a drop in traffic, which will ultimately lead to a drop in conversions. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you will be obliged to accept a traffic reduction. You will be able to act when you have made adjustments to the existing scenario. Given that the purpose of your website is to raise public awareness of a topic and encourage individuals to engage with one another, your statement should be altered.

Failure to Utilize Image Optimization

In the great majority of cases, the presence of a large number of photographs that have yet to be optimized for file size is the most common reason for a website’s poor performance. This is because images take up a lot of space on the internet. High-quality images may use a significant percentage of the available bandwidth during the loading process. You can mistakenly increase the size of your web page by uploading larger-sized photographs and then scaling them down after they’ve been submitted.

As a result, your website will take longer to load. The size of your web page may rise if you upload higher-quality photos and then scale them down. This can also happen when images are uploaded in smaller sizes and then increased to full size after being posted. This is true regardless of whether your website was created using a content management system (CMS) or a website builder.

It is also critical to consider the shot’s framing. When compared to the file sizes of other picture formats, such as PNG and GIF, a JPEG image takes up substantially less storage space. When you utilize JPEG photographs on your website instead of PNG or GIF graphics, your pages will load much faster.

Advertising Is the Source of All Evil

Display ads are an excellent technique to improve advertising report outcomes and monetize high-traffic websites. Mobile gadgets may also display advertisements.

Yet, this should not be at the price of decreased performance or a worse user experience. Please avoid placing excessive advertising on your website since this is most likely one of the causes of its sluggish loading speed.

The most noticeable difference in your service as a result of ad saturation will be an increase in the overall number of HTTP requests received by your website. As a result, these queries will be handled at a substantially slower rate.

Customers will be unable to access your website if pop-unders, interstitials, or auto downloads generate hundreds of HTTP requests. Finally, consider the following possible solutions to the problem: Lowering the number of display advertisements on your website improves its overall performance.


When the performance of your website suddenly slows or degrades, there is usually always an underlying issue. Based on what you’ve read, there are several possible explanations for what occurred. You may be unaware of some of these challenges, and with your likely large to-do list, you may choose to devote more time to learning how to cope with these issues and finding answers to your queries.

Bear Fox Marketing can help you with website optimization, modifications to your marketing strategy, keyword placement, and a variety of other services. We’re thrilled that we can put in a lot of effort while still getting the outcomes we want. Our experts will become a member of your team and will identify the aspects of your company practice that set you apart. We will improve those distinguishing features to return you to the top of the SERPs.

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