Why LLP over a Partnership Company?


The transition from conventional partnerships to Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) has boosted in the last few years. The purpose behind this is that LLPs give extra flexibility, endless members, and the like. But the substantial driving force behind the change is due to the evidence that LLPs give important benefits in words of limited liability. The distress on the personal assets of the member is put to lay when it comes to LLPs since they are a hybrid of both a partnership and a private limited firm. Minor and medium-sized businesses find this kind of organizational structure to fit their requirements very well.

The benefits of the Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) form of a business surpass those of a conventional partnership. Limited liability, continual progression, and endless partners are the major reasons for a partnership firm Converting to a Singapore Limited Liability Partnership.

Why LLP Over a Partnership Firm?

Apart from the main disparities, there are a few characteristics that bring the LLP a more attractive alternative over a common partnership firm:-

  • Independence of Management/Flexibility: The partners are provided with an adequate status of flexibility in administering the undertakings and operating the day-to-day incidents of the LLP. The LLP Agreement is not largely impacted by the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008, which implies to tell that the Act is comparatively adaptable on how the agreement can be crafted.
  • Endless Succession: Unlike in the formal partnership, the demise of the member does not influence the life of the LLP. The distinct legal entity feature of the LLP enables it to endure business.
  • Investment Attraction: Foreign investors and investment capital funds glance at LLPs as an investment chance as it has a corporate structure and is extra organized as obstructed to formal partnerships.
  • Multidisciplinary LLPs: Professionals of several disciplines can labor together in an LLP, which is an exclusive characteristic and an advantage in itself.


The Registrar, on obtaining the pertinent papers, may approve or reject to register the LLP. If all documents are organized exactly in accord with the requirements of the act, the Registrar shall hand out a certificate of enrollment. The LLP will in less than 15 days of enrollment notify the Registrar of firms with which it is enrolled in Form 14. In the incident of a denial of registration by the Registrar, a plea can be prepared with the judiciary.

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Effect of registration

  • An LLP shall arrive at validity by the name asserted in the certificate of registration.
  • All the assets, liabilities, liberties, and freedoms granted in the corporation shall vest in the LLP.
  • All proceedings which were pending against the company may be implemented against the LLP.
  • Any order or decision either in favor or against the corporation may be executed against the LLP.
  • All prevailing agreements and pacts in which the corporation was a party shall proceed to be in force with the LLP as the party.
  • Every occurring appointment of the corporation or authority granted to the firm shall be as if it were granted to the LLP.