Why the Templar Fund Is the Best Market Making Firm


Cryptocurrencies and forex trading are the latest fad on most news, financial sites and blogs and it’s not difficult to understand why. This new instrument has the potential to change the way we handle money, and could affect the global banking system as well as many other industries. If you are interested in the crypto space, you need a reliable market marker that earns regular profits.

There are several market making firms across the world, but the Templar Fund is unique in its operations.  Most important of all, however: the Templar Fund earned its clients more than 50% profit in 2019.  The Templar Fund is operated by a private, retired hedge fund manager with significant Wall Street experience.  This person has high public name recognition and chooses not to publish the details of his or her personal identity due to the nature of trading Bitcoin that doesn’t require disclosure.  Instead, the results are left to stand for themselves, as all trades are published publicly.

The Templar Fund has been open to public clients since November 2018 and the staff has operated together privately since 2014. The Templar Fund trades as a market maker and provides liquidity to significant digital companies including BitMEX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Blockchain and Privato Bank. They earn profit by realizing the spread between the buyers and sellers of Bitcoin.

To protect your identity and earnings, they do not publish or offer any information that would allow a specific entity to compromise their client registrar and your account details. This is the only method to ensure your account is 100% anonymous and protected from reporting requirements. Their operation is protected by encrypted communication and strategically-placed corporate assets/personal so that a single point of security failure cannot happen, nor can a government entity seize your account.

Visit https://templar.fund/ to open a free account with them and get started.  There you can also view the easy-to-understand webinar if you have additional questions.