The Pros and Cons of Using the Auto Trader Software that You Should Know


Auto trading is not a new concept, and it exists in many forms, such as Forex, futures, options, and stocks. In recent years, options auto trading has become very popular, especially among new investors and experienced traders who are new to options.

What is Auto Trader?

The basic concept is simple and is an automated process where you use third-party services to choose and make transactions on your behalf, minus your input or involvement. An automated trading system is also known as a system trading or algorithmic trading and allows you to establish rules for trade entries and exits. Once you program the entries and exits, you can execute them on a computer.

Everything, including the auto trader, has its pros and cons, so find out everything that will enable you to answer the question “what is auto trader?” asked for a recommendation.

Pros of the Auto Trader


  • Improved Speed of Order Entries


Computers are fast in responding to the evolving market conditions, and automated systems can generate orders immediately trade criterion is met. Getting in and exiting a trade a few seconds or minutes earlier can make a significant difference in your trade results.

Immediately a position is entered; all orders are generated automatically, including profit targets and stop losses. Markets move fast, and it is not in your best interests for a trade to reach the profit level or blow over the stop-loss before you can even enter the orders, which is what an auto trader stops from happening.


  • Trade Diversity


An auto trader allows you to trade different accounts simultaneously. This allows you to spread risk over different investments while creating a buffer against losing positions. A computer executes tasks that would not be easy for humans, such as scanning for opportunities in different markets, generating orders, and monitoring trades.

Cons of Auto Trader


  • Mechanical Failures


Automated system trading is not invincible, and depending on your trading platform, a trade could be located on a PC, not a server. This means that if your internet connection is disconnected, your order might be unsent to the market.

There is a difference between theoretical trades and the actual order entry. As a trader, you should expect to go through a learning curve when using an auto trader. Use a small trade size when starting before the refining of the process happens.


  • Over Optimizing


Over-optimization is the extreme curve fitting, which results in trading plans that are unreliable during live trading sessions. For instance, it is possible to alter a strategy to achieve excellent historical testing data outcomes. Some traders erroneously assume that their trading plans should have at least 100% profits or never experience losses. Such a plan will inevitably fail in a live market.

Avert Scams

While searching for a perfect auto trader system, strive to avert scams. If the deal on the auto trader sounds too good to be true, it could be a scam. Some auto trader systems promise excessively high profits for low prices. Here is how to avoid scams.

  • Hold everything you are asked to pay for under high scrutiny and make it a habit to ask questions.
  • Do some research and ensure you know everything about the system. Read all the terms and conditions before committing.
  • Ask for testimonials and scrutinize third party sites or financial regulatory cites for some reviews on the system.
  • Check if there is a trial period. Most scamming systems do not offer a trial period.


Auto trading has been around for some time, but some traders are averse to using it and prefer to stick to the traditional trading methods. The pull of a system that does not require input from them is strong, and the system is gaining traction among new traders.

The system does have its pros and cons, and before you engage, doing due diligence is always recommended. Learn the inner workings of both the traditional trading system and the technology-driven one and make your choice.