Which Trading Platform Is Best For Beginners?


If you are new to the world of trading, one of the things that can help you get on your feet is reading things such as trading reviews so you would know which platform is best suited for you. Another is checking stock market reviews. In TradeWise, you can find reviews written by different members of the Trade Wise community about sites that they were able to use easily when they were still a beginner in the industry like you.

TD Ameritrade

As the best one out there, considering all the criteria set by experts, TD Ameritrade operates because of several factors combined such as its top-quality interface, reasonable pricing, and vast beginner resources. The trading platform is perfect for all professional, expert, and beginning traders. Whatever your options are, TD Ameritrade has got the thing for you.

Trading in this platform will only cost you around $6.95 per transaction and an additional $0.75 for every contract you make. They do not have a minimum requirement when you start an account. What makes it the best for beginners is their wide selection of resources which had great options including trading and investing strategies.


Dubbed as the “Best for No Commission” site, Robinhood is an excellent place for beginners because they have fewer risks than most sites. You do not need a trading fee when it comes to buying and selling options. This way, your initial investment is not put at risk. However, the site does not offer much research and education tools so you might need to read a book or two first.

Charles Schwab

This site can give you a great experience through excellent customer service. Upon opening your account, all the trades are priced at $0.95 each and an additional $0.65 per contract. For all the first-time clients, they offer 500 trades that are commission-free for the next two years if you can deposit $100,000 for your initial money. Schwab can also give you lessons about trading. Their site is also viewer-friendly in all platforms available.

Ally Invest

This site is one of the known ones that can offer you low-cost brokerage. You do not have to worry about the minimum upon opening your account because it will cost you nothing. With Ally Invest, you can stop worrying about the big minimum deposits and focus on investing instead. Aside from beginners, most experience traders also use this site for the services that they offer that makes traders’ lives better.


Being the oldest brokerage on the internet, ETrade’s history has proven how helpful it has become to beginners and experts alike. Using the OptionsHouse platform, exploring data and research that will help you climb the ladders of investment becomes easier.

For more detailed reviews from people who have experienced using these sites or if you need Forex reviews, you can check out Trade Wise.