Article courtesy of Dropship Sports Supplements

Developing a marketing plan is an important part of success. Some people eliminate this part and become part of the .com crashes.

This actually hurts others that want to go online because of the media attention that it receives. It instills fear into others and opinions become beliefs. Now how do you become successful online and avoid the problems that all marketers will face?

Three simple steps


Start your plan from the idea you have come up with. Generate ideas on how you will market this product or service. Make mini plans of each area and compile them. For instance starting an ezine to keep in touch with your customers. Make the mini plan then implement it into your marketing strategy. Another mini plan could be ad copy and where you will distribute your ads, classifieds, ezines, free ads, paid ads etc. In addition, search engine submissions would be a mini plan where, when, and how you will achieve these different goals will be in your plan.

It is much easier to work on mini plans than to make a large 150-200 page plan. When each mini plan is completed it makes the next one that much easier. I’m sure you’ll start and find that it’s a simple process that can be achieved by anyone.

Step 2

Research your idea continuously. Keep up to date on sources of information that can help you further your successes. Read on a continual basis. Subscribe to newsletters in your industry.

Make folders and keep a library of informative links that will help you succeed. Ask questions, get answers, make changes, keep up to date on your field. The list is endless but keep plugging away your sure to succeed.


Be patient success will come in due time and all your hard work will pay off big. Don’t expect the world when you start you’ll only get discouraged. Moreover, never give up your dream be the driving force of your own success keep working and learning.