A guide for availing secured loan with ease


Getting loan against commercial property is said to be secured loan and here youshould submit documents of any of your properties and borrow money against your property. When you submit your property documents to the bank the bank will offer you a loan. The interest for your loanwill be low when compared to a personal loan.

A bank can approve your property loan because they have high security. You need not sell your property for the money you can place it in the bank and get money. After repaying that payment you can get back your property. Until that your property will besafe and no one can touch your property without your permission.

Difference between home loan and LAP:

A home loan is offered by the lender for buying the new home. Where as Loan against Home (LAP) is the loan that is given by considering your home as assert. You can use this loan amount for any personal or business purposes. If you fail to repay the money then the property will be taken away from you permanently.

There will be many options available in which are you going to take a loan whether

  • Treatment purpose
  • Education
  • Marriage
  • Starting own business
  • Any other valuable reasons

The bank will not put any sort of restrictions on how you are going to make use of the fund.

What can be the expected loan amount?

The loan amount will be given based on the property you have. The amount will be huge when your property is big. Lenders will limit themselves to 50-70 of the exact market amount. Before offering you a loan they will see your repayment ability also. Before giving the amount in your hand a survey of your property will be taken to know the market price for that current area where your property is. The bank will look at your age, credit score, working place, the market value of your property, your cash flow every month, etc. Make sure about your repayment of loan or else you will be left taking away the property from you. Business loan in Mumbai is available with low interest.

NecessaryDocuments to be submitted

In each place, they will ask each document but the main documents commonly asked everywhere is:

  • Slip of the salary from your working place
  • Property documents
  • Financial statements
  • Bank statements
  • Address proof

Things to be done before getting a loan

  • Borrow loan only if it will be possible for you to repay
  • Loan on the property will be better than a personal loan because of the interest rate.
  • Floating rate loan can be operated when you plan to prepay the loan ahead of the schedule.
  • Search for lower interest rate and then apply for the loan. Buy loan according to your ability think of before getting a loan that you can repay the amount and get your property back.

Your loan against commercial property amount may depend on the market condition and also the emotional attachment to the property will be seen. With the above instructions get a proper loan by following those steps.