5 different business insurance companies in Maine 


Business insurance enables business owners to safeguard their businesses from a wide range of risks through coverage like product liability insurance, professional indemnity, and general liability. Business owners in Maine can enjoy the best business insurance policies at the lowest prices. Some companies give discounts, which further lower the expense.

Where to get business insurance in Maine

If you are wondering where to get business insurance in Maine, below are some of the most popular business insurance companies to choose from.


Insureon’s seamless business insurance helps business owners in Maine to get worker’s compensation, professional liability, general liability, and other business insurance policies to safeguard their businesses. The online platform gathers insurance options from several carriers and offers various educational materials geared towards helping business owners implement the best practices of risk management.

Allen Insurance and Financial

Allen Insurance and Financial is an independent insurance company that works with several different insurance carriers to find the best business coverage options for their clients. You can get quotes from multiple insurance companies from Allen Insurance and Financial.

Zurich Property and Casualty Insurance

With over 12,000 agents and more than 100 years of experience in the field of business insurance, Zurich Property and Casualty Insurance provides small business owners with customized insurance policies that cover all the business aspects from worker’s compensation to liability.

Allstate Business Insurance

This company provides a wide range of business insurance policies for both small and large businesses. Allstate Business Insurance is known for their personalized plans and their strong relationships with marketing partners, office suppliers, legal partners, and financial lenders.

Mercury Business Insurance

Mercury Business Insurance offers business owners with insurance policies that are designed to cover any business insurance need. They have exceptional industry expertise since they have worked in a variety of industries in Maine. They provide support and advise businesses on a wide range of insurance options.