A Quick Look at the New 2020 Snowmobile Models


The new lineup of 2020 snowmobile models is out now. Here are a some to top picks among the many new sleds that already have us drooling.

Top 2020 Snowmobile Picks

  • Titan Adventure 155: This high-end crossover from Polaris may be steep in price, but it’s a great choice for both on- and off-trail riding.
  • MXZ X-RS: Skidoo’s 2020 sleds all look like they were built to race — and the MXZ delivers. The REV Gen4 platform on the 2020 design allows for three different riding styles for daredevil cornering.
  • Sidewinder L-TX: You won’t win any races on our top Yamaha 2020 pick, but you won’t have to. You’ll be too busy taking a shortcut through the backcountry on this beauty to worry about things like “finish lines” or “trophies.”
  • Voyageur 155: If you’re not worried about horsepower, this mid-level 2020 model from Polaris is perfect for off-trail riding and catching the scenery.
  • Sidewinder S-TX GT: This is the most expensive 2020 sled on our list — but it has the most powerful engine on the market. This baby roars on a perfectly crafted performance engine. The heated seat is nice, too.
  • INDY EVO: Every snowmobile company has a pretty good line of starter models for new enthusiasts, but the INDY EVO from Polaris is our top pick for a 2020 starter model. It has the right mix between performance and fun, with an engine that’s not too powerful to get them into trouble.

Snowmobile Insurance

Hitting the trails is one of the most popular winter activities out there, but don’t forget that accidents can happen — even if you’re the most experienced rider on the trail. A good snowmobile insurance policy will protect your investment in your sleds and protect you if anything unfortunate happens.